Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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oilrigNow there are two Oilgarves. 'Oilgarve – the Algarve says no to oil' the anti-oil exploitation pressure group run by ASMAA from its Lagos base, and as of three days ago, the pro-oil 'Oilgarve' Facebook page put up by the 'Oilgarve Exploration Company, Ltd.'

This company, according to the blurb, ‘is a private company based in Algarve, Portugal,’ although no Limited company of that name is registered in the UK or Portugal and does not show up on searches of international company registers.

oilrigIn a damning analysis of the detail of the contracts signed between the Portuguese state and oil companies, the treasury is set to receive between just 10 or 25 cents per barrel of oil, or gas equivalent, should hydrocarbons be extracted off the Algarve southern coastline - whatever the international oil price.

The controversial and restrictive contract disadvantages the Portuguese public but was signed on behalf of the nation by the Secretary of State for Energy, Henrique Gomes Cabral in October 2011.

Ria FormosaEco campaigners ASMAA outline the latest oil exploration contracts and ask - have we been sold a pup?

Have the Portuguese and foreign investors been sold a rotten tomato with the oil contracts?

oilpricesThe Algarve’s anti-oil exploration platform has launched a petition to ensure the controversial topic is discussed in parliament now that exploration licenses have been issued that allow exploration on land as well as off the Algarve's coastline.

The PALP platform, made up of the regions eco and nature organisations, said the new petition was launched on August 5th and it aims to gather the 4,000 signatures necessary for the subject to receive debating time in Portugal’s assembly.

oiltankerResearchers from the University of the Algarve and 18 other countries are to cooperate in one of the most ambitious marine research projects for decades.

Sadly, the research is necessary due to the risks associated with the oil transport business in the Atlantic and especially off Portugal’s south west tip where tankers pass, heading to and from the Mediterranean.

oilrigAs part of an awareness campaign of the risks to the Algarve should oil and gas drilling tests lead to a full blown hydrocarbon extraction business in the Algarve’s coastal waters, the anti-oil action group PALP has organised a walk and kayak expedition this coming Sunday, June 28th

"The goal is to once again seek to mobilise and raise awareness Algarve-wide," said Joao Eduardo Martins from PALP, who said the first test drilling is scheduled for this October.

oilrigAlgarve pressure group and source of much social commentary, Olhão Livre, today released information about the government deal with those oil and gas companies which have exploration rights off the southern coastline.

The original exploration authorisation laws signed by Cavaco Silva give some information but current licensing agreements are protected by confidentiality clauses.

oilrigNearly 100 people on Saturday went to the first public meeting  about oil exploration off the Algarve coastline.

"People are very concerned about these problems and about the contract with the petrochemical industry. This is a business where the profit goes to private companies and the risk goes to the public."