Thursday, 23 March 2017
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PremFXI am pleased to inform you of an exciting new development for Premier FX. In a rapidly evolving digital environment continually striving to be secure, and an ever-changing financial industry with strict compliance regulations, we have embarked on a major upgrade in our online trading system. We are confident our improvements will provide increased security while enhancing the customer experience.

We are very proud of our achievements over the ten years we have been trading, but we are also very aware of changes in our sector. We have spent considerable time researching and implementing our strategy to make the business safe and simple to use for our customer.

Winter in Algarve - winter lettings in the AlgarveThere is a brand new website promoting winter lettings in the Algarve: The site contains lots of information about spending winter in the Algarve and home owners can advertise their property for letting.

Advertising on the site is free. The purpose of the site is to attract more guests to the Algarve in the quiet season, thus promoting the Algarve as a year round destination. It also contains a section that explains home owners how to rent out their property, as they often underestimate the perks of winter lettings.
Though revenue is likely to be lower than in summer, the typical winter guests stay longer and are often pensioners or early-pensioners that take very good care of a property.

WinterInAlgarve is for now only available in English under the .com and extensions, translations to Dutch with the .nl extension and German with the .de extension are foreseen for April 2017.


Winter Gourmet & Spa Experiences by Conrad AlgarveCristina Bergoglio Art Exhibition - From 16th February to 28th April,  Food Symphony - BY CHEF OSVALDE SILVA & OCS - March 31st and VALENTINE'S Spa & Gourmet Experiences - February 1st to 28th

CLICK HERE for further details and to book.


PremFX collaboration with Pace InvoicePremier FX provides exclusive currency exchange services for the newly-launched multi-currency invoicing platform.  

The boutique currency exchange company with locations in Algarve, Portugal, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and London, England, enters into collaboration with London-based technology start-up Pace Invoice. Together, the companies provide cross-border invoicing solutions and multi-currency payment capability to businesses with international customers. Premier FX contributes currency exchange expertise and services for the platform.

Photo courtesy of portugalresident.comQUALITY PAINTS, Lagos - now BREXIT decision known, BUSINESS BACK UP FOR SALE - lock, stock and barrel, so get your bids in!

If you’re looking to keep body and brain active whilst still having ample time to enjoy the Algarvean lifestyle, (current opening hours are Mon to Fri, 10.00 to 16.00 - unlike 24/7 for bar/restaurant type businesses), then this could be for you!
We still enjoy running the business and would very much like to continue, but unfortunately neither of us is getting any younger and the physical aspects are getting a bit beyond us, aaaah!


Giants Windows - customised solutions for individual situationsGiants Windows was founded by Katja Paweletz and Franz Adebahr in 2007.

Franz Adebahr arrived in Portugal in 1999, to work for the first PVC manufacturer in the Algarve. Franz completed his window technician qualification 36 years ago, in the ‘old days’ when PVC was still in its earliest and more challenging stages.
In 2009 Giants Windows received a licence from the German company Sunflex to manufacture Sunflex systems.

What's new at designworks?At designworks we help your company to communicate more efficiently to achieve better results - getting you sales, getting you leads and getting you known. The work we do for you will be all about your business and goals, which makes every project we undertake, and every client, unique.

Mestre Raposa® Volunteer Award 2016Following its social commitment policy, this year Mestre Raposa® presented his Volunteer Award to Refood Faro, for their work, since May 2014, in fighting food waste and hunger in this community. At Refood Faro, volunteer citizens donate two hours of their time, per week, to deliver the surplus food they retrieve from local restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, etc., to the community’s underprivileged.