Friday, 24 March 2017
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'A Viking Legacy – Iron Age journeys and findings' - talk on April 4thOn Tuesday 4th April, the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting two lectures, in English, by Hampus Norrgren. The first lecture will be at 2.30pm at the Museu do Trajo in Sao Bras, the second lecture will be at 5.45pm at the Convento de Sao Jose in Lagoa.

'A Viking Legacy – Iron Age journeys and findings' - talk on April 4thHampus Norrgren is an MA student at Uppsalla University in Sweden and has worked in archaeological fieldwork for the past 5 years. He is currently working as a project leader at the company Arkeologikonsult. Hampus has also worked as a guide at some of Sweden's most famous archaeological sites and regularly holds presentations and lectures for students and the interested public at universities and local museums. His Masters thesis focuses on the centralisation process seen during the pre-Viking Iron Age and the emerging relationship between the high chieftains of the pre-Viking Age society and the newly emerged Norse pagan religion.

Many people have heard about the Vikings and their exploits, travels and journeys to distant lands. Known as discoverers, conquerors, traders and warriors, the memories of these Scandanavian brigands still echo well into modern times. The 8th to 11th centuries saw a remarkable highpoint in activity outbound from Scandanavia, including trade, colonisation, occupation, plundering and pillaging. The Vikings emerged onto the world stage of politics with a fury that left its mark on world history.

The lecture will look at some of the reasons beind the Viking age journeys and why they went where they did. This will be done by taking a look at some of the pre-Viking age history and some of the centralisation tendencies that we are able to discern in the archaeological material. By looking at famous Iron Age sites such as Old Uppsalla, Birka and Stroja amongst others, we can discuss the hard facts of archaeological results in the light of the written material left to us. Some of
the Viking age sagas, runestones and other written material can be interpreted as having an Iron Age origin and by looking at the archaeological results we can try to come closer to the Viking age legacy.

Lunch in Sao Bras can be arranged in advance – please call Maxine on 917 267 948.

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