Friday, 23 June 2017
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Art exhibition at Museu do Trajo, São Brás - May 13th to July 3rdAn exhibition of work by Alyson Sheldrake, Patty den Boer and Lídia de Almeida opens on Saturday 13th May at the Museu do Trajo, São Brás de Alportel from 19h00.

The exhibition runs until July 3rd.

Alyson Sheldrake

Alyson is a self taught artist, currently painting a wide range of modern style landscapes, seascapes and familiar objects within her self-titled ‘New Wave’ Collection.
Alyson escaped the dreary grey British weather to set up her studio in the beautiful sunny Algarve in Portugal. Visitors are welcome to the studio by prior appointment, and Alyson’s work can also be viewed and purchased online on her website. She is available for private commissions, including her modern style paintings, Pet and House Portraits and larger commercial work. She is also involved in setting up and running unique Algarve 'Pop Up' Art Gallery events, where she invites fellow artists across a range of disciplines to exhibit alongside her.
Alyson has a BA (Hons) degree in sport, and is also a qualified (secondary) PGCE teacher. She has A levels in Art and English Literature – which explains her passion for art and her love of writing and blogging – but perhaps not why she spent 13 years working as a Police Officer, before leaving the Force to work her way rapidly up the education advisory service to become a Director of Education for the Church of England.
Giving up an illustrious and successful career in education may have seemed a crazy thing to do – but the creative call of her paints and brushes became too loud and insistent a sound to ignore. She now spends her days either in the studio painting; or out with her husband and his camera, exploring the many beautiful and unspoilt beaches of the Algarve; or hidden ‘local’ villages that dot the Portuguese landscape.


Patty den Boer

I was born in a village near the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After i done the Fashion-Academy i started working as a dresser with Ro-Theater, Musicals and other Art Projects. From 1990 till 2005 i travelled the world with the Netherlands Dance Theater were i worked with Jiri Kylian and lots of other choreographers.
During my travels with this dance company i was always looking, absorbing, searching and creating and saw lots of musea around the world. Nowadays i am working from the east part of the Algarve and travel without travelling, at this part of Europe you can feel as a world-citizen.
I am a self-taught artist, although i did some courses, print making and graphics had my attention. My work consist for the most part of Acrylic-Paintings, painting is like breathing for me, it gives me so much joy.
In 2007 i started my own gallery but that didn’t suit me, i preferred working in my atelier actually my atelier is never seperate from the house i live in. I did a couple of expositions and Art-fairs in the Netherlands and in 2008 i won the second price of ‘the Gelderlander Art-Prize’,with one of my‘tree-house”sculptures.


Lídia de Almeida

Lídia de Almeida was born in Faro on the year of 1953. At the age of three, she moved to Venezuela with her parents. She graduated in fine arts at the Higher School of Fine Arts of Venezuela, subsequently obtained a Masters degree in Inca Art. Throughout the years, she specialized in various techniques including dry pastel, stained glass, porcelain painting, sculpture, fabric and silk painting, decorative arts, tiles, among others.
She started to work as a teacher at the Fine Arts School and, simultaneously at the Regional Institute of Special Education for Children. (Art-therapy).
She participated in several collective and solo exhibitions in a number of countries during the course of her career as a painter.
She lives in Portugal since 1988, where she began new projects. She teaches at the University, as a teachers’ trainer. She was also Faber Castell and Pébéo’s official painter in Portugal.
She teaches a workshop attended by students of all occupations and ages, all seeking to achieve different goals, leisure or improvement of numerous techniques, or even, for therapeutic goals.
She has promoted collective exhibitions, for presentation of her students work, thus encouraging their talent, commitment and artistic development. She appreciates some of her students’ success, whom have already performed solo exhibitions and participated in prestigious collective exhibitions.
Progressing her career, she is inaugurating her own “Atelier”, in Liège (Belgium), where she prepares new works and exhibitions across Europe.

Art exhibition at Museu do Trajo, São Brás - May 13th to July 3rd