Sunday, 24 September 2017
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AHAAfter the summer break AHA is now back with talks and concerts throughout September.


After our summer break, we resume our series of talks. On Monday 18 September at 6 pm in the Clube de Tavira and on Tuesday 19 September at 6 pm in the Convento São José, Lagoa, Peter Booker will give a talk on the controversial topic of Portuguese Bullfighting.
There are many different types of bullfighting in the world, and even in Iberia, there are the traditional bull running activities as far west as the Azores and in many parts of modern Spain. The traditional Portuguese bullfight in the bullring is so different from the Spanish variety (which is the type that many people know) that it needs some explanation. The differences are that in Portugal the bull is not killed in the ring; the Portuguese bullfighter is on horseback; and the third part of the occasion, the pega, is quite different from anything in Spain, and gives the bull a chance to get his own back. On the occasions when Peter has attended a bullfight, he had been impressed with the majesty and training of the horses, which seem to enjoy the occasion, with the teamwork between rider and horse in what is a dangerous activity for both. And last but not least, with the almost suicidal forcadores amadores, whose job it is to challenge the bull. It is not necessary to approve of bullfighting in order to know how it is done, and I suspect that most of those expats who disapprove of bullfighting have little idea of what goes on at a Portuguese bullfight.
Peter Booker gives a personal view of this age-old activity for the benefit of those who have never been to a bullfight.

There is no set charge for our talks but there is an opportunity to make a donation to help us pay the costs of running our Association.

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