Monday, 23 October 2017
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The Senses FestCelebrating the universality of senses through visual and performing arts is the proposal the Senses Fest brings to the public. Teatro Experimental de Lagos’ Association, together with Até à Lua bookstore and Lagos’ City Hall bring to Lagos the first edition of this event, adapted and integrative towards cultural diversity, physical and linguistic limitations. The Art, as a conductor of the senses and the feelings will be the connection between the different elements that take part of the Senses Fest’s program, celebrating heritage, culture and diversity.

Aiming to be interactive and sensorial, the program bring a diversity of proposals to public from 0 to 100 years old: art exhibitions, workshops and performances in the areas of creative writing, dance, illustration, music, scenography and theatre.
The program will happen between the 7th October to 11th November in Lagos’ Library Dr. Júlio Dantas and in the museological places: Armazém do Espingardeiro, Arquivo Municipal, Forte Ponta da Bandeira and Mercado dos Escravos.

The Senses Fest is financed b65 Algarve program and the Turismo of Algarve. Counts with the project partners Fungo Azul – Cultural Association, Planeta Tangerina editor, Junta de Freguesia de São Gonçalo de Lagos e LAC – Cultural Association.


14 October | 15h | 10 to 18 years old
Biblioteca Municipal de Lagos Dr. Júlio Dantas | 2€ *

A set of flasks is passed from nose to nose and take us to places where we have been before, brings us memories back so we can create stories. A writing session for all of those who would like to write stories, but never know how to start.

AFFECTIONATE DANCE WORKSHOP | For Parents, Grandparents and Children
21 October | 16h
Biblioteca Municipal de Lagos Dr. Júlio Dantas | Children + Adult | €2*

These workshop of movement and imagination will allow parents and children to communicate in a special way through the language of dance, promoting physicality and bonding, using closeness as a stimulus to movement. To dance through the affection that families feel about each other, howwing different ways in wich we can express these multiple feelings.

16, 23, 30 October | 21h
Biblioteca Municipal de Lagos Dr. Júlio Dantas | +10 years old | €2*

Outside of books stories become alive, we all get to craft props, dolls and puppets to break the barrier between what’s real and what’s just imagination and we’ll go full throttle into the stories.

THE VOICE OF THE WORLD | Ethnic Choir Group
Workshop 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 October and 2 November | 19h
Biblioteca Municipal de Lagos Dr. Júlio Dantas | Families | €2*
Presentation 4 November | 17h | Mercado dos Escravos | All Ages | Free

A voyage sung by different cultures of the world, approaching traditional and ethnic themes. As the group sings in a circle it awakens it´s listening, communicative and physical senses, liberating the mind to enter a magical world that extends from Portuguese or European folklore to the Pigmies in Africa, to the Afro-Latin rhythms of South America, to the indigenes in the Amazon Forest or Lakota Indians from North America, and even the Asian, Indian and Tibetan mantras.

NO LETTERS STORIES Ilustration Exhibition

until 30 November
Biblioteca Municipal de Lagos Dr. Júlio Dantas | All Ages | Free *

When we are young books tell us stories through illustrations. In this exhibition Yara Kono will present the 29 illustrations that are the part of the book ABZZZZ... from publisher Planeta Tangerina.

* Required registration for all workshops (including free)

About Teatro Experimental de Lagos

TEL – Experimental Theatre of Lagos – is a nonprofit cultural association dedicated to creation and promotion of performing arts, in a perspective of direct interaction with the community, especially in the south east zone of Algarve. In its projects, expresses with different artistic languages, such as theatre, dance, music and life performance.
TEL works on artistic pedagogy in schools and communities, as a way to create public for arts. In TEL’s cultural space, take place performances, regular performing arts classes, workshops, artistic residencies, being a permanent creative lab.
The Association is supported by Câmara Municipal de Lagos, Instituto Português da Juventude e Desporto and Delegação Regional de Cultura do Algarve. Collaborates with Fungo Azul – Cultural Association, LAC-Laboratório de Atividades Criativas, Casa Branca - AC, Maozorra – AC, Centro de Estudos de Lagos, Academia de Música de Lagos.


The Senses Fest