Thursday, 27 April 2017
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Spring Fair at the São Brás Museum - May 7thThe Spring Fair will take place at the São Brás Museum 7 May 11-17h.

Home grown produce, bread, cakes, books, jewellery, spices, flowers, honey and much more!

Book your stall now!

TM: 966 329 073
Rua Dr. José Dias Sancho nr 61, 8150-141 São Brás de Alportel

Exclusive sunshine and smiles at Quinta dos Vales’ Open DoorAs always, Quinta dos Vales’ visitors were greeted at the Open Door 2017 with beautiful sunshine. On Sunday 2nd April over 3.000 visitors strolled through the grounds of the estate, where on display were numerous dance and musical performances.

XIX Lagoa Choir WeekThe Cultural Association of Lagoa, Ideias do Levante (Algarve), in partnership with the municipality of Lagoa (Algarve), will organize the 19th edition of Semana Coral de Lagoa (Lagoa Choir Week,, a non-competitive choir festival that will take place within the Council of Lagoa from the 13th up until the 21st of May. The 2017 edition will feature 4 talented groups: The N10 Choir (London, England), Ensemble Vox Angelis (Portugal), Grupo Coral da Sociedade Filarmónica Silvense (Silves, Algarve, Portugal), and Grupo Coral Ideias do Levante (Lagoa, Algarve).

New Orleans Jazz Band at Tavira Garden - Saturday 6th MayThe New Orleans Jazz Band has performed at Tavira Garden three times already this year, each time to a full house.

The current line-up is Ray Charsley (trumpet/vocals), Dave Lawson (clarinet/saxophones), John Ballinger (trombone/vocals), Cory Sea (guitar), Luís Hilário (double bass) and Tony Scriven (drums/leader/vocals). The band plays a mixture of blues, stomps, marches, spirituals and ragtime. Great music for dancing!

The Fátima Phenomenon:  Talk by Peter Kingdon Booker  On 13 May, 1917 the three young children, who were looking after two families ́ flocks of sheep, beheld an amazing vision of a lady in a bright white robe edged in gold. They saw this vision on five subsequent occasions. On the last occasion, 13 October, 1917 Lúcia reported seeing the sun dance and rotate in the sky.

Didi & Aeneas Opera Night at Vale do Lobo - April 30thA year of exciting concerts and events continues with a memorable performance of the DIDO & AENEAS opera from the Lagos Academy of Music on 30th April from 18:00h

Vale do Lobo will be introducing the talented musicians and performers of the Lagos Academy of Music during the performance of the DIDO & AENEAS opera being staged on Sunday, 30th April in the resort Auditorium from 18:00h onwards, in a glamourous 365 Algarve Program event, a structure financed by Turismo de Portugal.

Exhibition "Moments of life" opens April 18thAlgarve Event presents: Exhibition " Moments of life" by Simone Magdalena Kehrer April 18th in Budens, 14 Rua Portela (next to pizzaway) at 17h -19.30h.

This exhibition is showing black and white paintings and sketches, paintings on canvas and her wood sculptures.

Bill Pitcock, a new member of our group, who plays one of the bird-watchers in Paradise Island.Paradise Island is indeed paradise for bird watchers (even when they’re looking in the wrong direction). The wildlife is amazing! But unscrupulous developers think that plastic flamingos in a Miami-style hotel would be even better, so they want the islanders and their houses cleared out of the way.

Just in case this situation sounds familiar, Aperitivo Performance Group would like to reassure everyone that Paradise Island is totally imaginary, and anyway even if it did exist it would be a long way away from here, and that the cast of corrupt politicians, shady businessmen, lovable islanders and hookers with hearts of gold - oh, and the bird-watchers of course - have no existence outside of Aperitivo’s latest musical comedy, which will take place at 19.30 at the following venues...