Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Kristjan KniggeLongship Films combines indie filmmaking and lean startup thinking, we call it agile filmmaking. The film EXPOSURE explores the relative value of memory and perception on the events in our lives by looking at the break up of a relationship between two women from their different points of view. 
This photo is Kristjan Knigge, the film Director, braving the elements last month at Praia do Barril while shooting the new film Exposure

Our crowdfunding campaign has just come to an end - THANK YOU for all that showed their support, contributions and love over the last 30 days. 

We made just over 100% of the financial goal, and 384 followers. Wow!.

Now I'm asking you to spend 2 minutes of your time, and spend no money, to support our campaign.

The crowdfunding platform we are working with, Seed&Spark, will reward us if we reach 500 followers. At the time of writing we are at 315, so we need a few more.

If we reach the target of 500 followers, we will not only unlock $9000 worth of goods and services like festival waivers and hard disks, but we will also become eligible for distribution, which of course is fantastic.

Hit the Follow button. Sign up, and you're doneSo please head over to the campaign website and hit the Follow button. Sign up, and you're done. Takes two minutes. The button looks like this....


About Longship Films

Longship Films produces highly engaging and consumable feature films through a process we call Agile Filmmaking.

This approach is based on a the combination of our experience with indie filmmaking and lean start-ups. Independent filmmaking is all about the story and the experience. We bring great stories to the screen. Agile is a methodology which allows teams to focus on value producing activities, and not waste time and effort. Longship Films uses Agile Filmmaking tactics to create and market wonderful human stories.