Sunday, 24 September 2017
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'Algarve Art' - Launch of new arts projectBrand New 'Algarve Art' venture launches in the Algarve, combining a new website promoting art and artists of all genres, a new Algarve Society of Artists, and the forthcoming launch of a unique Algarve Art! quarterly online art magazine for the Algarve.

Heralding a new focus and online showcase for art in the Algarve, creator and editor Alyson Sheldrake explains where the idea for this new venture came from:

"I am a professional artist working full time out here and I am married to a professional photographer. Over the last few years we have set up and managed a number of successful 'Pop Up!' style exhibitions of our work, and have also been increasingly drawn towards working with and supporting other artists out here. I know how difficult - yet ultimately rewarding - being an artist can be out here in the Algarve, and I have been toying with different ideas about how to support artists, based upon the good things that came out of a recent 'Pop Up!' Art exhibition for 10 artists that I organised earlier this year.

I also wanted to be able to draw artists together (no pun intended!) across a wide range of art and creative genres, and also liked the idea of putting together a quarterly promotional online magazine to showcase their work and highlight the wonderful art and exhibitions and events that happen across the Algarve.

There is always the need for good marketing and a strong web presence too, and I have met many artists out here who do not have their own website, so creating something that enabled them to have a unique URL to share with clients and customers was also an important consideration for me.

Art can be quite an isolating process and it can be great to step out of the studio and go and meet other artists and share ideas, tips and stories – and also learn from each other too, so adding an element of social get-togethers and networking was important to me too, and the creation of a Society for artists of all genres and abilities came out from these aims. Art can be a bit 'snobby' and I wanted to create something that was inclusive, friendly and inviting, that would encourage artists to share their work, learn from each other and support and champion art across the Algarve."

The brand new website and the new Algarve Society of Artists is the result of bringing all of these ideas together ... and the first edition of the new Algarve Art! Magazine is due to be released in early October and will be free to read online.

There are already over 30 members of the new Algarve Society of Artists, with new enquiries being received every day - and that is just in the first two weeks of soft-launching the site. There will also be a range of discounts, special offers and benefits also available solely to the Members through a new membership card scheme, and future plans include hosting Algarve Society of Artists exhibitions and events.

For more information you can view the website via this link:

The website is designed to be a focus for art and artists, and for everyone with an interest in art of all genres. You can find new art to enjoy - and purchase - you can commission a painting or portrait - find a graphic designer or mural artist, a specialist cake maker or furniture restorer through the Directory of artists; or browse the dedicated sections for events and exhibitions; and also find a direct link to the quarterly free magazine, which will be full of art, features on artists, articles and events, and the latest art news for the Algarve.

The aim is to cover art of all types from art and paintings, digital art, stained glass, tile-painting, photography, printing, jewellery, ceramics and pottery, fabrics and textiles, furniture, cakes, quilting, sculpture, mosaics, hand-crafted gifts and art objects .. the list is a long one and growing all the time as new artists are discovered.

The aim is simple - to bring together, encourage, support and promote artists and art of all genres across the Algarve.

Alyson and Dave Sheldrake arrived here in the Algarve and were inspired to follow their lifelong dreams, for Alyson that of having her own studio space and working full-time as an artist, and for Dave of becoming a professional photographer. Alyson now works full time as a successful and popular artist, and can also be found walking her rescue dog Kat on the beach every morning. She is available for private art commissions.

For more information please contact Alyson Sheldrake on:

T: 912 027 256

'Algarve Art' - Launch of new arts project