Friday, 21 July 2017
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Dead but Not GoneMarilyn has captivated the world since she first appeared on the screens back in the late 1940s. Even after her mysterious death in 1962, the iconic blond has continued to inspire and mesmerize us with her benchmark looks, smile and sex appeal. There are countless books about her life - both the good and the tragic. But there has yet to be a book like DEAD BUT NOT GONE.

See Me Not by Real LaplaineOn her eighth birthday, instead of getting a cake or a present like other children her age, Hann’Sha was sold into sexual slavery by her own father for the equivalent of ten US dollars.

For four years the young girl lives a life of sexual abuse and slavery, until one day, a university student discovers her plight and he makes it his mission to free her. The road they must walk however is a dark and dangerous one, not only fighting the criminal underworld of human trafficking, but the corruption of local officials who turn a blind eye. It is a story about one man’s courage and a young girl’s undying hope. A story that has already inspired many people.

The Deception PeopleIn September 2014, we featured Author, Réal Laplaine, at the time of the international release of his new book, Twilight Visitor – an international political thriller. Twilight Visitor was remarked by several review editorials as being comparable to books by author greats such as Dan Brown, Tom Clancy and Jack Higgins.

Réal Laplaine has just released his newest book, The Deception People – another political thriller, with a different twist.

Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an After-Life MidwifeIn Bridge to Beyond, True Stories of an After-Life Midwife, Carolyn Ewing Cobelo reveals her real experiences of guiding and communicating with souls, as they cross over to the Other Side after physical death.

Each of her fascinating stories is unique and individualized, mirroring the personality and cultural perspective of the person whose soul is making this journey.

Review by Jane RobertsonThis book is a remarkable achievement and the author made me laugh on almost every page with his humorous and entertaining turns of phrase. Sharp wit and irony weren't what I expected from a book about an elderly couple becoming foster carers, but they are here in abundance. 

Aljezur; The Heart Of Costa VicentinaAfter a four-year journey through the history and the landscape of Aljezur two gifted men, photographer and writer, have produced the most stunningly exquisite illustrated book about the area in which we live: “Aljezur; The Heart Of Costa Vicentina”.

Described as “the book of Aljezur” and presented as “an expression of love for our home”, the impressive publication was unveiled at a ceremony in the town’s civic HQ on Friday.

Twilight Visitor achieves considerable successWe featured author Réal Laplaine in an article in September, shortly after the release of his new book, Twilight Visitor, by UK publishing house, Netherworld Books.

Due to the book’s success and considerable media about it, we decided to revisit the author. 

Tangled Roots by Trevor BurtonTangled Roots is the second detective mystery from Trevor Burton featuring enigmatic sleuth the Gent. The story follows the quest of an American, Brad Johnson to find his lost inheritance His father had been a Sergeant in the US air force in World War II based at Burtonwood, near Warrington.

Set in Greater Manchester, birthplace of the Author, and in particular Stockport, the author draws on his knowledge of the city and his experience of business and executorship, to reveal the trials faced by many in situations where relatives die intestate. The story follows the further complexities where murder, blackmail and embezzlement ensue.