Sunday, 25 September 2016
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Holidirect Introductory Offer - 50% OFFFounded earlier this year, and officially launched on July 1st, Holidirect is the innovation of friends and colleagues Sue Lewis and Sue Englefield. As owners and managers of our their own rental properties, they have experienced the shortcomings of property rental websites, and so have put together many years of experience in both the IT and holiday rental business and seized the opportunity to create a platform for owners to advertise and manage their own properties, and provide holidaymakers with a straight forward and personal way to book their holiday.

" is an online marketplace with the owner AND traveller in mind. We put clients in touch with the owners directly, and do not charge all the extras fees that have become 'the norm' these days. Our goal is to provide a simple yet effective service for owners and holidaymakers."

Photo courtesy of portugalresident.comQUALITY PAINTS, Lagos - now BREXIT decision known, BUSINESS BACK UP FOR SALE - lock, stock and barrel, so get your bids in!

If you’re looking to keep body and brain active whilst still having ample time to enjoy the Algarvean lifestyle, (current opening hours are Mon to Fri, 10.00 to 16.00 - unlike 24/7 for bar/restaurant type businesses), then this could be for you!
We still enjoy running the business and would very much like to continue, but unfortunately neither of us is getting any younger and the physical aspects are getting a bit beyond us, aaaah!

CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THE BUSINESS WILL CONTINUE AS USUAL, (may improve!), NOT LEAST AS THERE WILL BE A HANDOVER PERIOD OF UP TO THREE MONTHS AVAILABLE TO THE NEW BUYER, SO ANY CHANGE WILL BE SEAMLESS. is a new rental property portal to launch in the Algarve, and we believe in a different way of doing business.

The Holidirect innovation gives the reins of control back to property owners in a professional environment AND provides holidaymakers with a straight forward and personal way to book their holiday, with none of the additional charges they are forced to pay by other rental property portals.

The Holidirect way is simple, and we intend it to stay that way!

BLiP EXPO 2016 - REGISTER NOW!!Summer is just around the corner and that means BLiP EXPO 2016 is not very far away! Five months may seem a long time but planning budgets, stand design and staff time are often put at the back of the queue during the summer months.
Bookings for stands at this year's Exhibition are well under way so don't risk missing out on taking part in THE EXHIBITION that puts your business in front of thousands of Residents and Home Owners in the Algarve.

Sending and receiving packages to and from the UK - the possible impact from BrexitWith Britain´s referendum on 23rd June fast approaching there are many opinions emerging supporting both sides of the debate. During recent years we have witnessed an incredible rise in the number of purchases via the internet and consequently a surge in parcel deliveries. According to research conducted by international shipping experts ParcelHero a Brexit could have a tremendous impact on this kind of commerce between Britain and Portugal.

Mayor Rogerio Bacalhau talks to part of the publicIn the presence of 32 entrepreneurs, directors, doctors and a consultant, a debate on ‘the future of Portugal and the EU’ was held at FNAC in Faro and later at FNAC in Guia.

Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau opened the first event and spoke about the large debt that his predecessors left him. He emphasised that the important thing is to work to repair what needs to be improved and gave as an example the renovation of old buildings in Faro that has generated many local jobs.

alentejo2Twenty years ago, Finland was as Portugal. Like us, far away in Europe, very dependent on two markets, its large Russian neighbour and small Sweden.

Like us, exporting natural resources, fish, copper and cellulose, and products of limited technology, footwear, textiles, crystals and ship repair.

sqwarkSquawk Algarve is a brand new Facebook-based group that has been launched to support business owners across the Algarve.

The initiative of Alyson Sheldrake, a local professional artist, and her photographer husband Dave, the idea of Squawk Algarve is simple - to create a community of like-minded people willing to support each other, give advice, share tips, and try to help solve each other's business problems.