Monday, 21 April 2014
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freeport2Freeport Retail Limited, not to be confused with Freeport – the worthless and insolvent company that 'manages' the Alcochete shopping centre just outside Lisbon, recently published its 2013 accounts.

Freeport Retail Limited is a management company set up by the then directors of Freeport back in August 2010. Then Freeport managing director  Robert Hodges, commented a year later after the formation of the company, “The new Freeport Retail offer allows us to grow income from other investors using  the same expertise that have seen us improve profitability of Freeport's assets  year on year for the last four years, in challenging broader economic  condition.”

How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop .. or virtually any other type of businessA lot of people find marketing confusing, expensive, time consuming and even intimidating.

This especially applies to the owners of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. It probably also accounts for the reason that the closure rate of this type of business is three times higher than other business types.

freeportIn the last article about Freeport it was reported that one of its directors, Robert Hodges, had resigned his position as head of CEREP (Carlyle European Real Estate Partners), which is the European company owned by Washington-based private equity firm Carlyle.

Freeport's only shareholder (according to the last return) is CEREP UK Investment D GP Ltd and this company is owned by Carlyle (through another European-based company  registered in Luxembourg, CEREP Sarl).

autodrome “Portugal Capital Ventures has the green light to manage the Algarve Autodrome” so read the most recent statement from the competition commission.

News of the takeover and ownership of the Autodrome by a venture capital company responsible to the taxpayer was nothing of the sort.

Portugal Capital Ventures has been authorised to own part of a new company, Parkalgar Services, for an undisclosed investment, which is to lease the Portimao race track and karting track from the existing company Parkalgar for an undisclosed sum.

Corruption around the worldIn its latest international poll, Gallup has ranked the Portuguese government as one of the most corrupt in the world based on the perceptions of the Portuguese people.

Of the 129 countries surveyed, Portugal is up there with the worst - though not quite as bad as the Czech Republic where 94% of respondents think corruption is widespread in their government, followed by Lithuania with 90%.

BPCC - British-Portuguese Chamber of CommerceThe  'Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK' networking lunch in Albufeira last week shows that networking is not dead, in fact it is more important than ever.
This was a true networking event at the Varanda restaurant at Balaia Golf village with members and guests keen to meet new faces and chat before sitting down to lunch.

FreeportIn March this year it was reported in the Financial Times that two of the Carlyle Group’s directors of its European operations had resigned: Robert Hodges and Frenchman  Eric Sassons. These two individuals are also two of Freeport’s four (according to the 2012 annual return) directors, though neither is a shareholder.  Freeport's only shareholder is CEREP UK Investment D GP Ltd.
As revealed in a previous article, Freeport has been owned by American private equity company the Carlyle Group since 2007.

Become an Amazon Best SellerIt is said we all have a book in us.  That's great but is your book going to be a best seller .. and will you ever write it? A few weeks ago I completed my latest book.  In the past I've written, or contributed, to some fairly heavy titles and they have done fairly well within their restricted specialist field. But this time I'd written a book that had wider appeal ... or so I hoped.
My latest book is called "Advertising Secrets: Essential Advertising Tips That Advertising Sales Reps Prefer You NOT To Know".  It is a composite of my 30+ years of experience buying advertising space; I've had responsibility for a £5.5million annual spend in a previous life and I still write and place a lot of ads even now.