Friday, 20 October 2017
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sqwarkSquawk Algarve is a brand new Facebook-based group that has been launched to support business owners across the Algarve.

The initiative of Alyson Sheldrake, a local professional artist, and her photographer husband Dave, the idea of Squawk Algarve is simple - to create a community of like-minded people willing to support each other, give advice, share tips, and try to help solve each other's business problems.

Alyson explains that the idea came from a recent meeting they had with a local fellow entrepreneur, where they shared ideas with each other, swopped business plans for the coming months and spent time exploring how they could help and promote each other's work. They left the meeting buzzing with ideas, with two pages full of notes and actions to get started on - and most importantly - a renewed sense of optimism and purpose about their own business.

Running a business of any size or description here in the Algarve can be tough - and any meeting of like-minded, and positive-thinking people getting together can only be a good thing for all concerned. Alyson wanted to try and replicate that environment and atmosphere of peer-to-peer positive encouragement and support online - and Squawk Algarve was born!

In its first three days online it accepted almost 300 members - and already business owners are finding the benefit with new connections being made, business ideas being shared, and questions being answered.

There are already plans for Squawk members to meet up in the future - and to find new ways to promote and encourage businesses - of all shapes and sizes - to get together and help each other across the Algarve. The group is free to join, and even has a glossy set of guidelines for members.

You can find out more about Squawk Algarve - and add a request to join the group - via this Facebook link:

And you can read the group's information booklet via this link:

Or feel free to contact Alyson Sheldrake via email

And if you want to know why the group is called 'Squawk' - you'll have to join to find out!







0 #1 Kinga Lundblad 2016-01-10 16:18
Happy to be in this amazing group with passionste business owners and other perople who love what they do and live to share and "give to give"