Friday, 21 July 2017
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NALLE: Local Lodging Association launchedNALLE, the National Association of Local Lodging Establishments, had its formal launch at a recent seminar in Faro hosted by Safe Communities Portugal. Addressing Local Lodging, eight high-ranking officials from different branches of government made presentations in English in order to reach out to over 300 owners, operators and agents in attendance.

Entitled “Local Lodging as an asset to the Algarve tourist industry”, the conference addressed broad-reaching subjects to clarify new Local Lodging legislation and its simplified requirements.

freeport11Having just recently put Freeport, along with its main shareholder CEREP UK Investment D GP Ltd.,  into voluntary liquidation while owing HM Revenue & Customs over £26.6million, it's nice to see that Freeport's former company directors are still taking care of what really matters: their own interests, along with the interests of The Carlyle Group - Freeport's owner before it went bust.

Just before leaving the Freeport sinking ship, the directors set up a ‘management’ company called Freeport Retail Limited to oversee the administration of all the Freeport/Carlyle property and retail interests in Europe.

Just Do It .. Like a MillionaireJust Do It....Three simple words ...... that most people find so difficult to achieve.

In business some people seem to have all the luck. Everything they touch turns to gold and they become millionaires.


Sharp Practice or Good Business?Imagine the scene.

Your car insurance Renewal Notice comes through the post. They tell you it is going to be £391.14 and they'll renew it automatically.

This is much more than last year.

Creating Business Growth: Why Customers Don't BuySometimes I think we business people go out of our way to annoy potential customers

It seems we'll do anything except delight them with great customer service and value.

New Home Nursing & Healthcare Service launchedHibiscus is a new nursing care service in the Western Algarve offering competitively priced nursing and healthcare support in your own home.

Our care services are designed specifically around you and your needs and we have a dedicated team of fully qualified and experienced nurses and carers who are skilled in home nursing and caring for you at home.

Portuguese company Vitropor expands to MozambiquePortuguese company Vitropor plans to expand by building a glass factory in the city of Matola, in Mozambique, as part of the Internationalisation in Partnership programme, said Portuguese businessman Pedro Aguiar.

The company’s expansion is included in a contract signed Wednesday under the terms of the programme, promoted by Caixa Capital, Mota-Engil Indústria e Inovação and Aicep Capital Global and which is intended to support the internationalisation of small and medium-sized Portuguese companies.

Portugal relaunches investment fund for Mozambican companiesPortugal will contribute US$13 million to the Enterprise Fund for Portuguese Cooperation (FECOP), a mechanism to support investment in micro, small and medium-sized Mozambican companies, the Mozambican Minister of Industry and Trade said in Maputo Thursday.

Armando Inroga said that the fund would act as a “cushion” for projects facing difficulties in finding funding under “traditional conditions that banks require” and should benefit several sectors.