Friday, 20 October 2017
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St Luke's: Anglican church at Monte PalagueiraSt Luke´s Church, Palhagueira, is the only consecrated Church of England church in the Algarve. It was built by Mrs Mary Cornelius-Reid to serve all who live in the Eastern Algarve, and its circular shape embodies the all embracing warmth of the welcome to everyone, of whatever denomination.

The circular construction originates from the old threshing circle on which it was built.

The usual Service is sung Eucharist at 11.30am every Sunday, with occasional changes, which are advertised.
Occasionally we have Morning Prayer or Evensong, which is very popular.

The church is on the road from Sta. Barbara de Nexe to Loule or Sáo Bras, via Gorjões. The GPS co-ordinates are 37.126736 N 7.951894 W . There is a sign in the village, and another where the road leads to the church, by the Gorjões sign.
After the Service we meet in the Village Hall, to extend our friendship. Coffee, wine and snacks are available.

The Church is very pretty, and popular for weddings and baptisms, and funerals are conducted with great warmth and deep sympathy.

For further information please ring the Chaplain at 289 366 720 or Elspeth Flood at 289 999 335, using Voicemail if necessary.



+1 #3 Mike Collins 2016-11-28 12:49
I recently attended St Luke's for a funeral service for a dear friend. I found it to be the perfect venue for such an occasion as it's brightness and friendliness portrayed the nature and fun giving as was our friend. The pastor was excellent and I thought gave reverence as well as feeling to our friends loved ones. Well done St Luke's.
+2 #2 sue@algarvedailynews 2016-02-15 19:53
Quoting maryse van Buuren:
I think a picture of the church would really enhance the excellent description above.

Thanks for your comment Maryse, we have added some relevant pics.
+3 #1 maryse van Buuren 2016-02-15 10:46
I think a picture of the church would really enhance the excellent description above.