Friday, 20 October 2017
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The group at the view pointASB members met in the centre of Paderne before following Errol on a Mystery Tour, organised by Phil Smith and Errol Buckton, into hills and valleys around and through the pretty village of Alte.

Shortly after the steep winding climb out of the village a stop was made at a view point for photos before proceeding on to Benafim for coffee at O Hamburgo restaurant. 

The second half of the ride, with Phil still riding at the end of the line keeping an eye open for stragglers, was towards the east and Querenca before heading north and west to SB Messines for lunch on the sunny but breezy patio outside restaurant Joao de Deus.

One member suggested before the start that as it was a Mystery Tour all riders should wear blindfolds, but this idea was rejected in the interest of safety !

Photos by David Ashcroft.

The group enjoying the view point