Thursday, 19 October 2017
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afpop EA Romance is in the air Since Linda Cree became the afpop Events Organiser for the Eastern Algarve in 2007 the number of members and guests attending has slowly increased over the years.
In the early days the numbers were in the 30s but their last event at the Catering College (Escola De Hotelaria E Turismo Do Algarve) in Faro on Valentine’s Day attracted almost 130 attendees of many different nationalities.

Linda says “Credit cannot be totally attributed to my organisational skills  – the event is a huge success because of the lovely students and their teachers. The food and service is exceptional. They are always cheerful and take so much pride in what they do, and that’s why we keep coming back year after year, with ever-higher numbers. Their reputation precedes them”.

The event is a huge success because of the lovely students of Faro Catering College, and their teachers

The room was beautifully decorated with red up lighting and stunning mirrored centre-pieces on the tables as well as candles – it certainly created a wow effect.

The room was beautifully decorated, seating almost 130 attendees Rui Martins (another long-time favourite) played beautiful classical guitar in the background. Who said romance is dead? It’s certainly alive and kicking in afpop East Algarve.

Thanks also go to all the afpop members who support these events. If you are interested in finding out more about afpop please visit

The Eastern Algarve is clearly the fun place to be . . .