Wednesday, 24 May 2017
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NandiThe Nandi Charity Shop is a registered charity supporting the needs of stray and abandoned animals in the western Algarve. It operates two shops in Lagos, selling second-hand clothes, handbags, books, household items, toys and furniture.

The Society was founded in December 2002 to promote social activities for Irish people and their friends. You don't have be Irish to join and, in fact, of the 2016 membership only 30% of the 118 members are Irish.

The membership fee is only €10 and, as the Society is non-profit making, surplus funds are used to the benefit of members in the form of subsidised events. New members of all ages are always welcome.

New Rotarty club for West AlgarveThe inaugural meeting of  ALWIRC, the new English speaking, ALGARVE WEST INTERNATIONAL ROTARY CLUB, Porches,  took place at Vila Vita Parc on Thursday May 20th.