Monday, 22 December 2014
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riaformosaThe environmental group Quercus has taken a stance on the issue of dwellings on the Ria Formosa islands and has stated its position in no uncertain terms in a new report.

The nature association considers it "essential" that all private and ‘without public utility’ buildings in the Ria Formosa are demolished so the sand dunes and associated wildlife can return to their natural states.

olhaocalcada3The plans for the historic centre of Olhão are now available - see below.

Olhão council has not yet made these available to the local population so the plans are published on our website to give interested parties a chance to consider if the proposed changes are sensible, sympathetic, fair, in keeping and will attract more tourists to this historic city, or not.  See below for the link.

Lack of funds and support threatens the Say NO to Oil and Gas campaignThe continuation of ASMAA’s oil and gas exploration awareness campaign hangs in the balance, as campaign funds are now totally depleted. No more funds.

ASMAA’s management is frustrated with the total lack of support from the more than 8000 non-paying association members, the more than 5000 online petition signatories, and the thousands of businesses spread throughout the Algarve that the oil and gas exploration will negatively impact in the future.

droughtRallies are being organised across Portugal and around the world this weekend to promote action rather than words in tackling the problem of climate change.

The international mobilisation effort “to build a cleaner, fairer, safer world” is being staged to coincide with the United Nations summit meeting on climate change in New York.

OH NO! A jack-up support platform seen from Praia da Rocha in Portimao?This image shows, what seems to be, a Jack-up Support Platform seen from Praia da Rocha in Portimao since the 27th of August - It all started with a message on Facebook, asking if they had started with the exploration of oil and gas, as there is a platform offshore just off Praia da Rocha. This was followed by one of our members asking if a vessel they had seen at sea could be a seismic survey ship?


Why 'Feed into the Grid' Systems are OUT!Portugal’s former government was very pro renewable energy. Unfortunately with the current rulers we are not that lucky !

10 years ago Prime Minister Socrates started with EU funds the “Feed in Tariff” (FIT), to give back to the grid at very interesting prices of up to €0,68 per kwatt. However the current government turned around all benefits and decided that renewable energy should not be rewarded anymore.

ASMAA to restructure it's boardASMAA announced on July 20th (2014) that it is restructuring its board. It is typical that as an organisation grows out of its start-up phase and progresses into the phase of expansion and growth, that there will be a need for restructuring. ASMAA is no different!

Without a doubt, this restructuring is vital for growth if we want to create a more agile, effective and efficient organization. The original governance structure is not functioning as planned, and restructure is necessary if we are to re-adjust to the constantly challenging environment that we operate in.

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Oil Drilling in the Algarve in 2015 - CONFIRMEDARE YOU READY TO LOOSE IT ALL?

For the past 2 years we have been warning you.

Many didn’t believe that drilling for gas and oil offshore in the Algarve would ever happen.

After all there’s been talk on and off for past 10 years and nothing happened till now.