Thursday, 29 January 2015
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It’s Time to Crank Things up a GearAs we are all aware, 2015 is scheduled to be THE YEAR that oil and gas exploration in the Algarve South and West coasts really kicks off - and according to latest information, this will happen without any Environmental Impact Studies (EIA’s) taking place.

Firstly, thank you to all those of you who are continuing to sign and share the petition - we are now up to almost 6300 signatures on the online petition - which is a wonderful achievement - but let's keep going! The more people we can persuade to join the campaign the better.

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What's in store for Quinta do Vale da Lama in 2015?Another cycle has ended, new ones yet to come... 2014 was an intensive and productive year at the Quinta do Vale da Lama farm. We are all very grateful to those who supported us in so many ways. As the African proverb says "It takes a village to raise a child", and Vale da Lama is being raised by all those active supporters, volunteers, partners, visitors, friends and neighbours that contribute to its healthy development.

saltPortugal was a poor country with a hardworking people who carefully took care of their resources.

Families grew vegetables, harvested fruits and nuts, rode bicycles. They were happy, there was plenty of gold in the central bank, many kept savings as jewellery, but there was no freedom of speech.

droughtClimate change is arguably the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced and so perhaps it should have repeatedly dominated the headlines this past year, if not the past decade. It didn’t because discussion on the subject is so confusing and implicitly terrifying that many people don’t even want to think about it.

Academic debate rages about whether or not the globe really is warming – or if so, why, by how much, and what should be done about it.

selvagens2Our Spanish cousins are at it again. In addition to harrying the UK over Gibraltar, Madrid now has presented a proposal to the United Nations to extend the Spanish continental shelf, at Portugal’s expense, in its aim to secure gas and oil exploration rights.

Spain claims sovereignty over the natural resources in a maritime area of nearly 300 square kilometres west of the Canaries which covers Portugal’s ‘Islas Selvagens.’

riaformosaThe environmental group Quercus has taken a stance on the issue of dwellings on the Ria Formosa islands and has stated its position in no uncertain terms in a new report.

The nature association considers it "essential" that all private and ‘without public utility’ buildings in the Ria Formosa are demolished so the sand dunes and associated wildlife can return to their natural states.

olhaocalcada3The plans for the historic centre of Olhão are now available - see below.

Olhão council has not yet made these available to the local population so the plans are published on our website to give interested parties a chance to consider if the proposed changes are sensible, sympathetic, fair, in keeping and will attract more tourists to this historic city, or not.  See below for the link.

Lack of funds and support threatens the Say NO to Oil and Gas campaignThe continuation of ASMAA’s oil and gas exploration awareness campaign hangs in the balance, as campaign funds are now totally depleted. No more funds.

ASMAA’s management is frustrated with the total lack of support from the more than 8000 non-paying association members, the more than 5000 online petition signatories, and the thousands of businesses spread throughout the Algarve that the oil and gas exploration will negatively impact in the future.