Friday, 18 April 2014
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Asmaa petitionAs most of you know, ASMAA had planed on doing the rounds through 31 towns in the coastal region of the Algarve this week to gather signatures for the Say No to Oil and Gas campaign, but had to change our program at the last minute due to lack of support from volunteers in all the towns, which was very disappointing.

tollscrash2Yesterday’s key meeting in Loulé – ‘II Forum Algarve/Andalusia’ - saw representaives from all of the Algarve’s political parties, local business groups and key political representatives from Spain in total agreement that the tolls on the Algarve’s motorway should be suspended immediately.

This political unification brings a new impetus to the tireless efforts of the Committee of Users of the Via do Infante (CUVI).

Lack of donations hinders anti oil & gas campaignDespite several requests for financial support and partnership, a serious funding shortage is threatening the Say No to Oil and Gas Exploration Campaign in the Algarve.

The Planners of the "Save the Algarve from Oil and Gas Exploration" are making a final and urgent plea to all the people that have signed this petition to financially assist in bringing forth the planned campaign this summer.

oilrigA petition launched by an Algarve organisation against the exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas off the region's coast, planned to commence later this year, has already received more than 4,000 signatures.
"A disaster during oil or gas drilling or extraction will leave our marine flora and fauna vulnerable to the toxic effects" of this process, said the executive director of the Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association (ASMAA), Laurinda Seabra, alerting the regional economy to the many potential negative impacts, particularly in the all important fishing and tourism sectors.

Energy savingsEurocooling Algarve can now offer an efficient, easy, economic, ecological and effective way to get domestic hot water without the need to replace your existing water cylinder. The thermodynamic compact solar unit works with or without sun to give sanitary hot water, 365 days a year, in all weather conditions.

Oil rigs in the AlgarveOil and gas exploration in the Algarve is due to start later this year (2014) ... without much debate taking place. ASMAA team decided to run a debate with pro-oil and pro-renewables, to listen to both sides of the argument and to then publish it as a point of reference for interested parties.

At the end of the day, you can only make the right decision if you listen to both parties. Now its up to you to make up your own mind. We know were we stand and we SAY NO TO OIL AND GAS DRILLING IN THE ALGARVE. How about YOU?



oilrigThe EU has adopted new laws in 2013 aimed at increasing the transparency of any of a EU members state (government) income from the oil and gas industry. This can be seen as a move that should be a game-changing breakthrough on corruption.

But in Portugal where corruption is rife and the goverment is well knowed for ignoring EU directives and laws ... we will have to wait and see but this  gives us another avenue to ask questions, don't you agree?

Oil drilling in ALgarveWe are so excited! Thanks to all that heard our call …Thanks to all that donated in January. Your donations totalling € 948,02 has enabled us to pay for our first print run of campaign materials which we will be receiving this week. (+-30% of our printing is now taken care of) .

This enables us to start distributing some of the campaign material from next week. If you have a shop window and want to participate, please e-mail us.