Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy aloneElectricity consumption in the country was fully covered by solar, wind and hydro power in an extraordinary 107-hour run that lasted from 6.45am on Saturday 7 May until 5.45pm the following Wednesday, the analysis says.

And EDP made about 5 Billion euros profit last year !! SO WHY DO OUR EDP BILLS NOT GO DOWN !!??

The best way forward in the best climate of Europe with 3000 sun hours: PRODUCE FREE POWER YOURSELF !!

Here some good reasons for you:

• We are paying about €0,20 - €0,22 per kilowatt in Portugal !

• Portugal has the highest Electricity rate of Europe !

• EDP prices will only go up !

• Electricity like water and food should have only 5-6% VAT, Portugal has 23% !!

So for every Kilowatt you produce yourself, you also save 23% VAT, a huge leverage !!

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