Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Weekly Financial Update

The markets will be driven by much event risk this week. This, especially applies to sterling, where BREXIT EXIT talks continue with the possibility of progress or the possibility of no progress. Or, even the possibility of both depending on what they talk about. This will continue throughout the discussions, and the UK wants to get out, naturally as cheaply as they can, and the EU wants them to pay a higher ransom!! On top of this the UK Government seems to have some infighting and varying opinions on the BREXIT outcome, which only adds to the uncertainty.


Sunday's controversial referendum on Catalonian independence was never going to be a bundle of laughs for the European Union or the euro. Hundreds of injuries in scuffles between police and voters did nothing to improve investors' perception of a community struggling to preserve unity. Yet the euro hardly suffered.

Yes, the euro opened lower in the Far East before recovering to Friday night's level and then heading lower. But ahead of the London session it was unchanged from Friday morning against the US dollar and an average of 0.2% higher against the other dozen most actively-traded currencies. Investors evidently did not see a danger of Spain being rent asunder or separatist activity spreading around the continent.

PART 1: DELAWARE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES - Pros & ConsPart nº1: Advantages of a Delaware LLC -  a 3 part series providing an in-depth analysis of Delaware LLCs, by Dennis Swing Greene. 

Tax information exchange is startingThe tax authorities in Portugal and the UK are now starting to receive new information on their taxpayers’ offshore assets and income.

This is carried out under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters. 100 countries have so far committed to obtain information from their financial institutions and pass it on to the clients’ country of residence.

Enjoy ten years of tax-free pensions in PortugalMany Britons have discovered that the Algarve is a fantastic place to retire. It is not just about sun, sea and golf. Portugal has actively encouraged new arrivals by offering extremely favourable tax breaks through the ‘non-habitual residence’ (NHR) regime. 

If you qualify for NHR, you could enjoy tax-free foreign income – like UK pensions – for your first ten years living in Portugal. Even without this special regime, however, Portugal can be a tax-efficient place to retire. First let’s look at how NHR works.

Euro Weekly Update - March 24th 2017Having walked the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron won an equally emphatic mandate for his La République En Marche! party in the National Assembly, winning 301 of the 577 seats. It put his coalition with the Democratic Movement in a commanding position with a total of 350 seats. The result did not come as a complete surprise, and France is only one of 19 members of the euro zone.
But it is an important one and investors have been reassured that the Franco-German core of Euroland is singing, if not necessarily from the same hymn sheet, then certainly from the same book. Investors' confidence in the viability of the euro is no longer under threat, even if there continues to be a debate about its fair value.

Brexit a year onIn the aftermath of the UK general election’s unexpected outcome, we reach the milestone of one year since Britain voted to leave the EU. What do we know today about how Brexit might affect expatriates in Portugal?

4801After losing the majority in Parliament, in an outcome she could hardly have imagined seven weeks earlier, when she surprised all by announcing an early election. May told the British Nation that she needed their backing to strengthen her position ahead of Brexit negotiations. Far from backing her, the British vote ended up with a far weaker premier, facing calls from furious Tories to sack her closest advisers and even to quit herself.

A year on from the Brexit referendum, Britain’s future place in Europe is once again an open question.