Thursday, 17 August 2017
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Sun Roofs And Air Conditioning For Our Grapes In Quinta Dos Vales!We are soon harvesting here at Quinta dos Vales; everything is prepared. Our team used the quiet time to reflect on the development of the vineyards in the last months. Follow us into the past, the present and the near future of our vines.

The love of Liquid GoldIt is worthwhile focusing on the theme that involves so-called liquid gold. For centuries olive oil was an important exchange currency for several societies and today it is an indispensable ingredient in Mediterranean gastronomy. In fact, the pleasure begins sooner than that… in a great appetizer of olives * very well presented in an olive bowl * with garlic and oregano *; or, for avid connoisseurs, slices of homemade bread with olive paste *. Whichever way you want to enjoy the olive, olive oil is undoubtedly the best meal complement, because it can accompany all dishes.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy wine, which is almost the same thing!We are wine lovers, we admit it! The Mar d'Estórias team, along with most British and Portuguese, like a good meal, where you can not miss a bottle of wine, it doesn’t matter what kind: white, rosé or red; To drink a glass at the end of the day on our terrace in good company, with or without tapas; Or to sip a glass of red while reading a book & listening to the rain falling. Truth be told, no excuse is needed to open a bottle of wine and we believe that you do not need to be knowledgeable to appreciate it.

The Egg Report - the inside storyThis month, Viva! launches online a Special Report on laying hen farms.

'Laying Hens: The Inside Story' is an in-depth, illustrated Special Report featuring findings from our 12 month investigation into the egg industry. Read it and find out what the industry would prefer you didn’t know!

Custard tartsSince the Portuguese Discoveries our people have been eager for adventure and to live up to our roots. To discover the world, to work hard and be successful abroad, but always with our eyes and heart in the Portugal we left behind, and the roots that are deep in our soul. This tradition remains and loneliness is kept at bay with the impressions, flavours and smell of Portugal that are expressed by Portuguese from all over the world.

102nd on La Liste’s 1000 Best Restaurants in the World, VILA VITA Parc’s acclaimed Ocean Restaurant continues to lead the way for Portuguese gastronomyIn a year which has seen VILA VITA Parc’s fine dining offering, Ocean restaurant, dramatically transformed to great acclaim, the talent of Chef Hans Neuner and his team has been afforded another gastronomic accolade, ranking at 102nd position in La Liste’s 1000 Best Restaurants in the World.
La Liste’s technology aggregates the world’s most trusted food guides and hundreds of thousands of restaurant reviews globally, to craft the perfect ranking of the world’s best restaurants. At 102nd position, Ocean is proud to be the highest ranked of just six Portuguese restaurants included in the list, announced this December in Paris.

Grab a Large Helping of the Growing Meat Substitute MarketFrom the tropical terrains of the Indian subcontinent comes the next big thing for the meat substitute market. It sounds sensible for a country that is obsessed with choosing between the right and the righteous. The western kitchen is obliged by the wondrous orb that is called jackfruit.

An Indian staple, this fruit is eaten in general at its ripe stage around the world. However, in few parts of Asia the raw form is cooked with intense tropical spices. The resulting dish resembles pulled pork preparations and the taste is strikingly similar too.

Algarve Cooking guide

Traditional Algarvian recipes for all your favourites - Soups, fish dishes, meat dishes and desserts.

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