Thursday, 27 October 2016
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MedGardFruittubThis year’s venue for the Algarve's annual Plant Fair is the leafy and spacious courtyard of the Museo do Traje in São Bras de Alportel.  All the facilities at the museum will be open for the event, with indoor space for talks, garden advice and information, seed & book sales and refreshments on site.

Outside, the plant nurseries and exhibitors will be displaying a great variety of plants suitable for Algarve gardens, succulents, trees and shrubs, container plants and herbs.

Mediterranean Garden Fair 2016 - Oct 29thThe Algarve’s only specialist Plant Sale will be held this year at the Museo do Traje, S. Brás de Alportel on Saturday October 29th opening to the public from 11.00 until 16.00.

Entry this year is an affordable €1, under-16s free, and there is parking around the Museo in São Bras.

The venue is a new one to the organisers, Mediterranean Gardening in Portugal, but the leafy and spacious courtyard to the rear of the museum building is ideal for visitors to browse in comfort, buy plants and shrubs and sit in on one of the specialist practical talks, which also are free.

Mediterranean Garden Fair and other gardening eventsThe summer here in the south of Portugal has been particularly hot and dry and even with the solstice and shorter days, we are still experiencing temperatures over 30C. This is a real test of plants, gardens and gardeners ! We hope your summer has been good to you and to your garden, the arrival of amaryllis flowers and drimia´s tall white spikes are a good sign that the season has turned and it is time to start planning for the start of the gardening year.

Our newsletter is below with details of the next events, and the annual Mediterranean Garden Fair !

Club founder, Elspeth Flood, cutting the cake On Saturday 17th September, 30 members of the club plus 28 guests got together at the beautiful home of Torunn and Jon Lange to celebrate 25 years since the formation of Clube Dos Bons Jardins, which is the second oldest English speaking gardening club in the Algarve.
We were blessed with good weather so started the party with drinks and canapés on the terrace looking out over the beautiful gardens to the Atlantic Ocean. We then retired into the welcome shade of the enormous garages which had been transformed into a wonderful party hall.

Avocado TreeJuly is another good month for enjoying the garden rather than for planting owing to the heat. The most important task now through to September is ensuring plants have sufficient water. Except for several native plants and well-established drought-resistant plants, all plants need regular watering.
Water large trees deeply but infrequently to encourage deep roots, but avoid watering almond, olive, carob or fig trees.  Allow the soil to dry somewhat between watering as this will allow air to get into the soil and give oxygen to the roots. The best time to water is early in the day.

JacarandaJune is the ideal month to simply enjoy your garden as most of the spring planting should have already been done but the hottest days yet to arrive.  With so much in bloom, there should be plenty of colour now but if not you can head for your local garden centre for a quick remedy.
Consider such June-flowering plants as Fushcias, Hydrangeas, Lantana, Jacaranda trees, Agapanthus and Mandevilla.

Fuchsias need regular watering, but don’t let the soil get soggy.  Feed often with fertiliser high in nitrogen.   Deadhead the seedpods.  All fuchsias need partial shade with white and pastel colours requiring a bit more shade than reds and purples.

May in the gardenMay is the time to finalise all the spring planting, as the increased heat boosts all plants to really take off. 

From now until November one key to success is to water deeply but appropriately for each plant.

gardenviewsmallThe Mediterranean Gardening Association in Portugal extends a warm invitation to those readers who wish to attend the International Spring Conference weekend in Lagos on April 22nd to 25th.

The aim for this 5th annual conference is to reveal the practical and aesthetic benefits of making beautiful and sustainable gardens with plants of the Mediterranean and dry zone flora worldwide.