Thursday, 21 September 2017
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NHS and the European Union: the factsThe UK’s referendum on EU membership takes place on the 23rd June, and one of the most highly-charged issues on both sides of the argument is the future of the National Health Service.

While Leave campaigners believe the NHS will be in greater health outside the EU, recent government figures suggest that Brexit would result in a loss of £36bn a year, which could leave the NHS with a funding black hole.

The impact of a potential Brexit is open to debate and nobody can really forecast how the NHS would fare. As debate rages on, have collected data from a number of sources to bring you what’s important about the NHS and the European Union: the facts.

MEDIGO - NHS and the European Union: The Facts


0 #1 MK101 2016-05-16 17:29
This article just goes to show how little holidays the main land EU residents take in the UK compared to the UK residents take in Main land Europe. The benefits of the tourist spending outweighs the cost to the member states health services if the person has an European medical card as the representatives country picks up the tab for their member getting treatment in another EU member state that was not planned. Spain on the other hand has been told to stop private ambulances chasing victims and dropping them off at private hospitals were the injured EU from another country gets fleeced anyway as they do not take the European health card & if you have no insurance be prepared to sell your sole.