Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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The New Way To See A Doctor Wherever You AreDoctor Care Anywhere is a doctor-founded online GP service where patients are able to see a GP via video or over the phone, no matter where they are or what day of the week it is. We are changing the way you see your GP and reinventing the “family doctor” - new, improved and relevant for the digital age.

At the heart of our service, we put time and flexibility back into the doctor-patient relationship and use the best technologies that we know patients are comfortable using in their daily lives.

Our service consists of:

• 20 minute appointments with highly qualified UK GPs, trained in video consultation

• Secure video or phone appointments via your computer, our smartphone or tablet app

• Opening hours from 8am to 10pm UK time, 365 days a year (moving to 24 hours) allowing patients to see a doctor at 9pm on a Sunday night.

• Same day appointments, often within an hour

• A global prescription management system - Prescriptions delivered to your door or ready to be picked up at your nearest pharmacy

• Hassle-free private specialist referrals.

• No waiting rooms where healthy patients may get infected by unhealthy ones

• Detailed consultation notes that patients can understand and access 24/7

• The highest level of data security hosted in one of the first G-Cloud providers to achieve Pan Government Accreditation up to IL3, suitable for all ‘OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE’ level data.

• We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and all our doctors are UK trained and General Medical Council (GMC) registered.

Now patients don't have to search for a doctor in an unfamiliar country, spend days or weeks waiting for a doctor's appointment or even travel to the hospital to access a doctor. Patients simply log into Doctor Care Anywhere on their computer or use our iOS or Android app on their smartphone or tablet and speak to a highly qualified doctor.

Doctor Care Anywhere is regulated by the Care Quality Commission in the UK. We also take extra steps to ensure that video and phone appointments are secure and that patient data has the best levels of protection using advanced encryption technology.

The New Way To See A Doctor Wherever You Are

Doctor Care Anywhere In The News:

The Daily Telegraph
Doctor Care Anywhere working with AXA PPP to deliver the the Doctor@Hand service

Dr. Bayju Thakar, Founder of Doctor Care Anywhere: “virtual GP consultations could benefit from additional tools such as wearable health devices.”

Enterprise Times
Kate Newhouse, CEO of Doctor Care Anywhere: “We believe that our online video GP consultations service will result in a shift in the industry towards better access to healthcare driven by latest technologies.”

What Our Patients Say:

Back from holiday and straight to a conference, I had a niggly ear infection. Thanks to Doctor Care Anywhere, I got an appointment that didn't interfere with my conference attendance, a friendly doctor who talked me through it - and sent links to illustrate the points - and a prescription at standard price delivered to my hotel room.
Father and Strategy Consultant

“I was able to sign up within a minute and able to book an appointment that afternoon utilising the online booking tool. I opted for a telephone appointment that lasted 15 minutes. Within an hour my notes were available online and I was referred to a consultant that evening. It was a remarkable service, delivering a process that usually takes weeks in just a few hours. It also meant I did not have to take time off work and all of my information held electronically so no concern over losing my notes.”
Mother of 2 and Teacher

Doctor Care Anywhere has changed the way I view GP medical care from both a personal and professional perspective. Their online service is incredibly easy to use yet still maintains the highest level of personal care and privacy.
Professional Female


+1 #1 Verjinie 2016-06-18 08:50
'Sounds' good ... fees 60pounds for an individual consultation, or 240pounds for a year.
Especially handy for those with mobile phone 'apps'.
Should help ease the ex-pat loading on publicly-funded Algarve medical facilities, no?