Friday, 20 October 2017
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Doctor Care AnywhereSound too good to be true? Well the GP surgery of the future is actually here today. Doctor Care Anywhere is enhancing the virtual GP experience, putting patients are the heart of healthcare and being uncompromising on quality of service.

Almost everyone has a smartphone. People communicate over Skype and Facetime with their families and relatives across the globe and now technology that we already use in our daily lives is making seeing the doctor more convenient than ever.

Doctor Care AnywhereUsing secure, HD-video conferencing technology that can be used on any device, we make the experience for patients immersive without the need for patients to spend hours travelling to and then waiting for their appointment because the doctor is running behind. Just imagine - the waiting room is your living room sofa or wherever you are in the world.

But a virtual GP service is about more than offering a better Skype service. 20 minute consultations mean that GPs have more time to examine patients, to talk to them properly and to follow up with detailed notes that precipitates patient empowerment.

Currently, up to 80% of medical information provided to patients by doctors is forgotten immediately*. It basically means that although giving patients personalised advice provides a good user experience, it doesn’t mean that they are going to remember any of it. Patient records have been at the centre of the healthcare debate recently. Although transparency is important, it should not be overlooked how consultation notes from appointments that patients can understand and refer back to is hugely empowering and in turn leads to better healthcare outcomes.

The same study found that when provided, 92% of patients viewed their notes and more than 60% of patients reported doing better with taking medications as prescribed. With Doctor Care Anywhere, patient’s consultation notes are stored securely and can be accessed via any device by logging into the platform. Notes are legible and don't contain any medical acronyms that patients won't understand. Furthermore, videos of appointments are also available for them to be played back at the patient’s own convenience!

What mobile is to the landline, we are the virtual GP service to the old fashioned surgery. Convenience and technology savviness together lead to patient empowerment. Give it a try. Visit us at Doctor Care Anywhere.

*Kessels, RPC “Patients’ Memory for Medical Information” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 2003, 96:219–222