Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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The Portuguese National Archives will host the Magna Carta in Portugal in DecemberThe British Embassy in Lisbon, in partnership with the National Archives - Torre do Tombo, are pleased to announce that Portugal will be one of the countries included in the Magna Carta Global Tour, to commemorate its 800 years.

Over the course of four months an original version of the Magna Carta from 1217 and the only surviving King’s Writ from Runnymede in 1215, on loan from Hereford Cathedral, will tour seven countries and four continents, travelling a total of approximately 65,000 miles. The tour will include New York, Luxembourg, China, Australia, Singapore, Malta and Portugal, in the second week of December.

Thousands of people across the world will benefit from a unique opportunity to see the document - an internationally recognised symbol of the rule of law - first hand and reflect on how the principles of Magna Carta remain just as relevant in today’s world. The tour will provide an opportunity to demonstrate its international resonance whilst also showcasing British influence across trade, law, international values and democracy.

The British Ambassador Kirsty Hayes has said:

I am extremely pleased that Portugal has been included in this tour, in partnership with the Portuguese National Archives-Torre do Tombo. This is where the Windsor Treaty is kept – one of the most important treaties in the historic bilateral relationship between Portugal and the UK.

"The Magna Carta is recognised as one of the most important documents in the development of modern democracy and as the foundation for the rule of law in modern society. It remains an unrivalled inspiration to the defence of our collective liberty and is something that we British are very proud of. I hope as many Portuguese people as possible will take this opportunity to see the Magna Carta first hand and reflect and celebrate all that it stands for. ”

The Director of the National Archives, Dr Silvestre Lacerda, commented:

It is an honour for Portugal and in particular for the National Archives Torre do Tombo - the House of memory and identity of the Portuguese people – to receive one of the most significant documents reflecting the identity and asserting the rights of the British people.”

Canon Chris Pullin, Chancellor of Hereford Cathedral said:

The Magna Carta is a hugely important part of our history and stands as a beacon for our values today. I am delighted that our copy of Magna Carta is embarking on this global tour, which will enable more people than ever from across the world a unique and exciting opportunity to see the document close up and enjoy a rare glimpse of one of the most famous documents in history that has shaped our modern democracy.

More information on Magna Carta and the 800th anniversary is available on the Magna Carta Committee’s website: