Thursday, 23 March 2017
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ARE YOU HAVING COLD FEET YET ??WINTER IS COMING…BUT THIS TIME YOU CAN SAVE 50% ON YOUR HEATING BILL !! SHS Group introduces a their new Dealership with Herschel Infrared heating panels !!

Poor insulation, temperature differences between rooms and Humidity: all reasons when the colder season starts we all see our electricity bill rise again.

Electric heating is a very expensive luxury nowadays, especially in Portugal !! Normal heating only heats the air, which rises and cools down as soon as we stop heating it. So it costs a small fortune to keep it comfortable. So SHS Heating Solutions introduces: SHS HERSCHEL Infrared Heating Panels.

These panels heat the Fabric of the room and all objects, which in turn radiate back and hold the temperature much longer:

- SAVING about 50% on your heating bill !!
- AND good for our body !!

Infrared Heating panels are attractive and unobtrusiveThe Benefits are clear:

- Only 50% consumption compared to normal electrical heaters !
- Infrared is very healthy to the human body!
- No air circulation so perfect for people with an allergy !
- 100% environmentally friendly: NO CO² emissions !
- Instant heating, avoiding mould and damp !
- Easy to install, at walls and ceilings !
- in White, Mirrors and even your own Photos

Ideal for Homes, Offices, Clinics, Yoga lessons, Storage and Greenhouses, etc.

SHS Infrared Calculation example:

• A room of 30m² would need 4000watt of Electrical heaters
o Consumption Electrical heaters : 2x 2000w = 4000w
o Hours needed per day : 6 hours x 4kw = 24kw
o EDP costs per day : 24kw x €0,20 = €4,80
o EDP costs per month : 31 days x €4,80 = €148,80
o EDP costs per year (4 months) : €595.20

• With SHS Infrared Heating panels : 2x 1000w are enough for the same area !
o Consumption Infrared Heating : 2000w
o Hours needed per day : 5 hours x 2kw = 10kw (with thermostat)
o EDP costs per day : 10kw x €0,20 = €2,00
o EDP costs per month : 31 x €2,00 = €62,00
o EDP costs per year : Only €248,00

o A saving of € -347,20 per year !!
o Price for 2x 1000w Infrared heater = 2x €585
o Return on your investment about 3-4 years Only !!

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