Thursday, 21 September 2017
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New Energy Law offers 'UPAC' systems for smaller budgets!Auto Consumption AND Feed In possible, AND NO Batteries needed -  finally PV Solar Power is accessible for everyone !

Until now it was illegal to have PV power for auto-consumption AND feed back into the grid (FIT). Thanks to the new Portuguese Energy Law (UPAC) you can now have FREE Auto-Consumption AND even feed the excess power back into the grid.

All this is now available for the smaller budgets:

-  from 1 panel of 250watt per hour starting at only 567euro !
- up to 6 panels of 1500watt per hour
- your return in only 6 years !

The setup is simple:

- Your power is fed into your own grid, so every kilowatt produced is avoiding your EDP meter clocking up !!
- AND each produced kilowatt saves you 23% VAT !!

The answer to PV Solar is 100% YES, in a country with 320 days of sunshine !
Feeding back the excess power all depends on your personal situation. Make an appointment to audit your personal situation and we'll advise what is best for you:

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+2 #2 SHS Solar Solutions 2015-03-16 16:16
Dear MM,

The taxation and 'firm' situation was based on the separate FIT(Feed In Tarifs).
These new UPAC law is for smaller investors, but still we advise an assessment to determine if normal Auto-Consumption might be better.
If you like we can make a free appointment.
+2 #1 mm 2015-03-09 19:42
was it not very recently having encouraged everyone to become micro generators that the port govt changed the law so that all energy fed into the system would be taxed and also they deemed that all micro generator were "firms" who had to pay social security and backdated it 5 years

does this apply to your sytem?'