Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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A Balanced Interior from EquilibrioPause for a moment when you enter a room for a 180 degree look. If your first impression is “WOW”, there must be something very special about it. What you are seeing conveys a sense of balance, charm, peace, and colour harmony – all amounting to exquisite taste.

Begin with your Entrance HallYou Ask…

What makes the room exceptional? Can this be achieved in any room? How could I create this? Where would I start?

Any room can be transformed into something impressive

To Start: take advice from an experienced professional. Chat through objectives.
To Create: first consider the size of the room and its capacity. Furnishings and art need to be in proportion and balance with the space. Each item brings its own unique character and individuality into play and these can be enhanced and complemented by other objects.

Begin with your Entrance Hall – The first introduction to your home

Your home is your personal safe haven and the entrance hall should breathe tranquility and a warm welcome, stepping inside should create an air of serenity and bring a smile to your face. Friends should comment on how welcoming it is.

The first rule is to remove any clutter such as coat stands and discarded shoes.

Keep the space simple but stylishKeep the space simple but stylish with lighting that is both subtle yet prominent, add mirrors to create light and space, and furniture which speaks elegance and flair, such as a chair upholstered in an eye-catching fabric to capture immediate attention, or a console table dressed perhaps with tall lamps and appealing shades to create a focal point.

Crown the ambiance with tasteful art and decorative objects.

Ingrid Parnis, Director Equilibrio

After conversations with their clients, Equilibrio start to develop the interior of each room, starting with choosing the colour scheme and styles, together with the client they can bring each room to life as it has been envisioned.
Equilibrio has an exclusive fabric library from which to select the latest soft furnishing fabrics and their own team to make up all soft furnishings and coverings. Equilibrio aim to make the process of creating your interiors an enjoyable, imaginative and rewarding experience.

Equilibrio Interiors

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