Saturday, 27 May 2017
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EDP goes up by 3% again AND the vat goes up to 23.25% !!EDP prices are only going up, everybody knows that. Price increasing over the last years will come as no surprise -  over the last 7 years we had a staggering Electricity price increase of 44.7%.

In January EDP will raise the prices again with 3%  and by law they are allowed to increase every 3 months!!

Stop the Silence campaign arrives in PortugalMatthew McVarish, Scottish actor, playwright and musician, European Ambassador for the organization "Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse" has been promoting a walk through 32 European capitals, an awareness campaign against sexual abuse of minors. The campaign is entitled "Road to Change: Walk to Stop the Silence (RTC)", and arrives in Portugal in the week of 26 November to 3 December.

As part of this effort to spread this message in Portugal, Mathew and the team, accompanied by Ambassador British Kirsty Hayes, will perform a walk along the riverside area of Belém in Lisbon  from 14h15 on Thursday 27 November, a journey beginning at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (near the Museu da Electricidade-Alcantara).

Buy The Right Juice Limited Edition DVD NOW!The Right Juice Limited Edition DVD is available for sale. A special edition DVD made specially for cast, crew, supporters and friends of the project. This DVD is ‘region free’ so will play on DVD players around the world, and the DVD’s are anticipated to be shipped before the end of November.

Getting cold feet again?We all know the humid Portuguese winters; outside it can be warmer than inside your house. But why do you keep sponsoring EDP? Surely it's better to get to be independent and self supporting !!

sugarWith the approach of Christmas comes the prospect of feasting on roast turkey and traditional Portuguese favourites such as marzipan cakes and bolo del rei. Sadly, not for everyone.

There are many people in cities, towns and villages across this country living in poverty, dependent on handouts from food banks and soup kitchens. The full extent of the problem is unclear, but it was probably greater this year than last and it may be worse again in 2015.

Would you like to know where all the EDP money is going ??EDP prices are only going up, everybody knows that. Price increasing over the last years will come as no surprise. But do you know how much increase ?

SHS Solar Solutions has analyzed the Electricity price level from 2007 until 2014.... the results are staggering!

Save on your energy billSave the Planet and your Wallet at the same time would be great with our without an economic crisis. With 320 days of sunshine Algarve is, and will always be, by far the best climate in Europe.

So why do we see so little PV Solar installations ? The answer is simple: Human Greed !!

What does your Hot Water cost you ?Many people use Solar Water Systems. So are they saving you money ?

Most of these systems have a 300ltr tank, often outside on the roof. And they don’t come cheap, they can cost €2.500 to even €4.000 !
We think the Sun will heat the water, and its free...but there can be a catch: the Hot Water Solar systems need the Heat of the sun, unlike PV panels which only need the Light !