Thursday, 21 September 2017
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gostoLogoGosto, long recognised as the Algarve's premier outlet for unusual furniture, interior accessories and decorations, has moved to add a new and vibrant side to its already renowned offering.

One third of the new Gosto 'armazém' next to Aldi in Boliquieme has been developed as an art showroom and exhibition area, among the finest in the region, which already is displaying work from Algarve artists Meinke Flesseman, Eric de Bruijn and guest artist the Iraqi-born Saad Ali from Valencia, Spain.

The new shop and gallery 'Gosto Interiors + Art' is open to the public from Monday 26th of September with parking and a warm Gosto welcome guaranteed.

"There's a story behind every product" at Gosto and now there's a story behind every painting. The art gallery is part of the open plan showroom so drifting in and out of  the +Art area is easy and deliberately pressure-free.


gosto interiores + arte
Av. Prof. Dr. Anibal Antonio Cavaco Silva
Boliquieme 8100-070

10:00 to 18:00 closed on Sundays







The new  'armazém' next to Aldi in Boliquieme
















 Meinke Flesseman














 Gosto's products all have a story to tell...



Just to the west of the new Aldi on the EN125 roundabout in Boliquieme













Saad Ali, born in Iraq and now living in Valencia