Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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Fly by Night and DayAn observational poem for those 'by the sea', by ADN reader Richard Thurman.




Fly by NIGHT and DAY!!

It’s a 4 letter word found in birdcages ending with “-it””"
And I don’t wish to mislead you, but it certainly ain’t grit
I have just spent 2 hours removing from my balcony a “lotta”
Deposited by what in Portuguese they call by name GAIVOTA
We’ve even had the misfortune over the past 2 years
On our terrace not only Ma & Pa, also “two little dears”
Handing down the art & duty of perfecting “deposit”
Left in the sun for a while makes it hard to remove “-it”
I’m not telling “porkies”;removal can’t be done in a rush
Even with fixed to a stale, chisel, scraper & a wirebrush
I appreciate that tourists admire the way they soar & “cor”
But think differently if they had “cocô” on their own floor
If we continue to allow them to fly over orchards; I guess
Most of our apples, oranges & almonds will end in a mess
Their numbers are increasing, difficult to be scared or caught
So do any of your readers agree with me, it’s time some were “MORTE”!?


0 #1 Valerie Window 2015-08-02 07:04
No I don't agree with you. Seagulls are nature's dustmen and clean up our mess in exchange for us cleaning up theirs. Just imagine what would happen if they were not around, bin lorries would have to operate 24 hours a day to keep up with all the rubbish. I have raised seagull chicks and I can tell you they are amazingly intelligent and comical flying aces.True masters of flight.