Sunday, 22 October 2017
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THE EVOLUTION OF CRIME? (Tongue firmly in Cheek!) - Part 1After Adam and Eve were evicted from their Garden they went off into the countryside and continued their evolution practice, without the guidance of Mr. Snake nor a continuing diet of Apples.

They therefore continued their new life direction with no visual means of support nor a job or work contract, so they hunted, fished, picked fruit and pretty much survived for the next mega decades until, along the way some bright spark learned to cultivate the land, grow more and more food as well as raising the odd beast and animals that provided milk as well as more food as well as taking the skin and fluffy coverings to clothe themselves. Mankind was now on the way.

From these findings, mini groups of Mankind People became mini communities and shared these ‘fruits’ with all members of their mini mankind communes including the young and the old, the able and not so able, the sick and the healthy. Each mini mankind person and personette developed their own particular skills to contribute and share, ranging from Hunters to Gatherers and Travellers, to Home Makers, each according to their own abilities and skill sets. At this stage Sharing was In and The Human Race was ready to grow …………… and it did and The Human Race grew and grew and ‘growed’.

Mini mankind groups became communities, communities became villages, villages became towns and towns became cities – but – somewhere along this ‘line’ it all began to go wrong and people stopped sharing!

At the same time (although the edges are a bit ‘blurry’ here) commercial business arrived and those with a skill to provide a ‘This’ began to trade with a someone who had a ‘That’.

Commerce was born!

The Bad News is that having now evolved from a natural habitat where game, fish and fruit stuff grew on trees and bushes and were easy to collect, certain mini mankind ‘peeps’ were now in an unnatural environment and didn’t have a ‘This’ or ‘That’ to exchange and now a new pair of mini mankinder arrives : ‘The Haves’ and ‘The Have-Nots’!

The ‘Haves’ have cracked it and live on the Hill in a Whacking Great ‘Haves’ House, with Grounds and Servants.

So, what were the ‘Have-Nots’ to do? Well, they could beg or sell themselves or revert to being what they would have been in the Olden Days : Hunters and Gatherers, but now (Pause and drum roll – ending with a cataphonic clatter of empty tin cans) an easier prey is the ‘The Haves’ and it is ‘The Haves’ property that now becomes the ‘gatherables’! So what were ‘The Haves’ to do?

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