Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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THE EVOLUTION OF CRIME? (Tongue firmly in Cheek!) - Part 2In THE EVOLUTION OF CRIME PART 1, the ‘Haves’ property has now become a gatherable, so what can they do? The ‘Haves’ could have gone back to sharing (on yer bike Chum!), but they didn’t!
Instead, they developed ways of guarding what they had, so they assigned some ‘peeps’ to enact rules, and others to enforce them.

Therefore, some smaller mankinders got jobs as Rule Makers and Guarding people, so whenever a Rule Breaker was caught, they had to be tried.

More jobs were created—Lawyers and Judge Persons, so when convicted, the Rule Breaker was punished, and prisons came into being with Wardens and Guards. When prisoners were released, they had to be ‘tracked’ so now advanced electronic ‘tags’ monitored by expensive security centres were needed.

All of this now costs the ‘Haves’ a lot of ‘Dosh’, so in hindsight (100/100 Vision) - ‘Sharing’ may have been cheaper? Perhaps, but people couldn’t revert to that now, because these Lawyers and Judge Persons, Wardens and Guard-workers, as they are now called, have created an economic activity in itself.

To go back to sharing would turn them all into ‘Have-Nots’, but these are now important and powerful people.

Return to ‘Sharing’? Heavens no! Although loath to think of themselves as ‘Have Nots’ in this way, these people are now security people and compared with fish, they are the aquarium’s bottom feeders. Where would they be without crime?

The commercial enterprise of security people is like every other commercial enterprise and to make a profit, it must grow; but to grow, crime must increase, because without increasing crime the security business will start to ‘Flat Line’, therefore what came into being in order to control crime…….. now requires it!

Crime has become a necessary part of the economy. It can’t be eliminated; it can’t even be reduced without affecting the economy adversely, economists love it. So do lawyers, legislators, and judges, but they won’t admit it!

Therefore, the commercial activity of guarding ‘The Haves’ and their property has to be fed.

So, Dear Reader, the scene is set and we now have an inkling as to the Birth of Crime, so my next ‘tome’ will be a practical Guide to Crime and its Prevention, whether you’re a ´Have´, or an ‘Almost Have’.

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