Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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Protection of pet animals - we need changeA change should be made with regard to protection of pet animals.
Portugal is the country in Europe where several thousand Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, Danes, Englishmen, Germans and French people now choose to settle in. It has become an explosion that will increase Portugal's income and status.

I am absolutely convinced that we who are moving here have a very good economy, and we spend the money on good food, beautiful clothes, sports, buying apartments and villas, cars, etc.
There will be large amounts we contribute to the country.

We feel welcome from the very nice, wonderful, courteous Portuguese people and the easy access to the Portuguese as they talk good English which leads to great affinity with all us immigrants. We are also many who are trying to learn the Portuguese language, which is a challenge.

We feel secure in the country with the attentive officers and entire active police service.

Yes this may we enjoy, and we feel at home.

Animal husbandry
The talk about animal husbandry often comes up at meetings and gatherings.

Our children and grandchildren think it feels uneasy with these dogs and cats running loose, skinny emaciated, battered and multiple delete save animals.

In Sweden, where I come from, this would never be allowed to happen. Animals who get hit and put aside to die is a major traffic hazard is a terrible suffering for the animal. What if loose dogs could run free in the streets and squares of Stockholm or other major cities i Europe - it would be very much as a circus.

On our tours we find dogs that are firmly bound in metal chains on 1.5 metres. Of course, these dogs showes an aggressive side because of the suffering they have endured. The goal of having a chained dog at a house we can't figure out.

Of course, we have drawn the attention of a group of people who gradually abuse their animals in a very brutal way, which must be ruled out.

Yes the list of exposed animals can be long.

I think, however, that the Government, local authorities and the police want to move closer to the rest of Europe when it comes to animal welfare in the European Community.

We are all in the EU community and must abide by the laws and regulations

The European Convention for the protection of pet animals has decided that: Human beings have a moral obligation to respect all living things, given the particular links between people and pets; No man may cause pain, excessive force, long-suffering, serious damage to an animal or to give anxiety to a pet.

Mistreatment of animals is punishable by imprisonment up to one year.  If the assault results in death of the animal, the punishment is imprisonment up to two years.

Other points in the EUROPEAN Convention
Yes there are many points in the EU Convention, inter alia:

• Chipp marking
• Parental responsibility in case of sale of animals (16 years old)
• Space for the animal
• Feed Industry dignified
• Banned surgical procedures such as; tail-docking, cutting of the ears, part of the vocal cords, ablation of the nails and teeth.
• Vaccinations and veterinary contacts
• Importance of hygiene and sanitation to infection should not be transmitted to humans
• Compulsion to use leash (not least in order to reduce traffic accidents)

How can we all be able to move on?
In addition to that we immigrants are feeding and giving water to vulnerable animals that exist in our neighborhood, engage in voluntary organisations helps vulnerable animals, subsidises food and sterilizations etc. All of this is very well but we will see that Portugal is being developed in the area.

- A desire would be that notifications to the police would be taken more seriously and lead to the disposal of the animal and a ban with the penalty of a fine to the person concerned if new animals acquired, would be strengthened.

- A controlling authority that has the power to help vulnerable animals.

- Increased control on certain group of people who do not value their horses and other animals.

- Training and information to residents about what the law says about animal husbandry. Information on police and authorities great powers on the subject. Not least, it should be included in the school's education and learning about what applies to all of us to have a functioning harmoniously lives together with the animals.

With kind regards,

Anne Nygren