Thursday, 19 October 2017
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P 72 and the randomness of it all…My arm is killing me, aching from shoulder to elbow. The slightest movement trebles the discomfort. Ouch! Ouch!! Ouch !!! OK, OK, OK take another painkiller.

For all my misery I realise I am very lucky to have just a cleanly broken humerus and a steel plate to replace a shattered olecranon (tip of the elbow bone). It could, of course, have been a lot worse.

Wind turbinesThe world is forever changing but when the beautiful South West National Park suddenly gets an unexpected distorted facelift then I believe it’s time to pause and contemplate just where we are going.
I am all for green energy projects, solar panels, wind turbines etc. as supplements to the basic energy supply needs of any country. But there has to be a limit to the visible and environmental distortions that are allowed to be perpetrated when bringing these projects to fruition.

Internet speed testMy search for faster and faster Internet download speed continues. Needless to say I’m getting very weary after all this geek effort.

Some of my friends, of course, took the easy route and purchased the expensive, small satellite dish for Wifi into their homes. Others have bypassed the speed issue and lashed out on a “pirate” TV dish, piggy backing on the Army service in Gibraltar. But the non- geeks amongst us have soldiered on through numerous telephone calls with MEO, gradually getting faster wifi by a process of attrition.

Secure a TeaPlease, please, can anyone tell me why, why it is so
That on ALL card receipts YOUR name they must show?
They even contain 50% of your card’s number for sure
Making it easier for “uno-whos”to make a “crooked-score”

Man can’t live by SKY aloneYou must have noticed just how many computer nerds have recently emerged in the Algarve. I find it remarkable just how quickly these old dodderers have taken up their new roles. I suppose with them having such a strong affinity for their new ‘love’ their enthusiasm is understandable.

Uk tv channelsObviously we have lost all our BBC and ITV related channels like everyone else. Below is a bit of background to why they have had to go (most of which you will probably know) - three non-technical reasons.

The unavoidable technical reason is the replacement of the dying Astra satellite.

UK TV channels goneThe long-time promised severance of radio and TV transmissions from UK’s National Broadcaster (BBC) has been followed by a similar withdrawal of transmissions by ALL their competitive commercial TV stations.

No doubt the latter will not advise their sponsors that they can reduce their respective monetary contributions, as some 3 to 4 million (Western EU from Sweden down to Gibraltar) viewers or maybe purchasers are no more! Such folk being not solely British-born spend some or all of their lives on the European Continent.

A Lotta GaivotaDo you not agree that the sea gull situation is quite serious? I do not believe a day does not go by without my clearing up “bombings” either on our apartment balconies and/or windows. This year for the first time since 2007 we have a nest, and related “Youngster Droppings” on the terrace, plus very aggressive attacks from either Mum or Dad gull. Very intimidating!

A short poem...