Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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Squash OPen - FInlandThe 2017 Savcor Finnish Squash Open is currently taking place in Finland. The tournament started on 26 January and ended on the 29th.

Portuguese Rui Soares participated in this tournament and was seeded No.3.

Squash: Rui Soares exits the Savcor Finnish OpenSoares managed to qualify to the quarterfinals, after winning against Finn, Tatu Knuutila, in the first round by 3-0 (11-7/11-5/11-7).

The Portuguese player exited the tournament, after losing to Finnish Jami Aijanen in the quarterfinals, by 3-0 (12-10/11-9/12-10).

At the Professional Squash Association's ranking for January, two players represent Portugal.

These players are Soares, ranked the 132nd internationally, and Claudio Pinto, ranked the 196th.




Nadar Maydaa, 2017