Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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NEW Mobile Apps aimed specifically for the golfer on holidayThe Start-up Irish company, StepItOut Mobile Applications, Ltd, announces the release of its first two mobile apps aimed specifically for the golfer on holiday, namely, StepItOut Golf Portugal and StepItOut Golf Mallorca. Both available in Apple's App Store.

Director, Damien DolanDirector, Damien Dolan is keen to point out that all golfers can benefit from using these apps, even if they just want to use its tools to help play on their favourite local courses. He further adds, “However, with the ever increasing number of golfers travelling abroad to play and stay in the top golf resorts, they need more useful features. Features to help take the hassle out of the planning stage so they have more time to relax, enjoy their game and investigate local attractions”.

With as many as 10 million foreign tourists visiting Portugal each year with its numerous great golf courses, it is no wonder that the company decided to start meeting those needs just in time for those seeking a winter break, by releasing StepItOut Golf Portugal. Mallorca, another popular winter getaway for golfers, was chosen as their second release - StepItOut Golf Mallorca.

A brief look at the apps' tools and features:

Yes, it does have the all important GPS capability so distances on the course appear in 'real time' on your phone which recalculate as you move around the course. All golfers love that feature. But to then combine that interactive Play feature with general golf course information, useful maps, contact information and websites, the travelling golfer can easily plan the trip, book their tee time and then avail of all the tools to gain advantages when playing.

For playing the game

For playing the game, the app also provides:

✔ A satellite map of each hole.
✔ Auto Transitions to green from chosen tee position.
✔ Ability to set tee preferences.
✔ Distances in metres or yards.
✔ Preset targets & trajectories on each hole but also allows the golfer to set his/her own targets.
✔ Capability to move the flag to its 'true location' on the green. (flags are preset to the centre of the green)

For the planning stage:

For the planning stageThe golfer can save time and stress by:
✔ Researching golf courses by name, by location (map provided) and/or by viewing an information page describing the course and data like designer, green fees, facilities, etc.
✔ Booking a tee time online, by email or by phone;
✔ Getting directions via Sat Nav to the course.
✔ Visiting the course's website.
✔ Visiting the StepItOut website for tourism information, course reviews and much more.

In the coming months, the company plans to release golf apps for the Algarve and other popular European destinations like, Ireland, Spain, Scotland.

W: http://www.stepitoutapps.com/