Sunday, 22 October 2017
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The future is now - Digital MarketingThe first Seminar on Digital Marketing in Portugal was held in Vilamoura on Feb.4th. 

More than 300 people came from many districts to hear 40 speakers from six countries. Several of the panels were in English, including marketeers such as Greg Boegner, Fiona Butler, Susana Wichels, Martim Sundblom who work for well-known international brands.

The most entertaining and applauded panel was the Portuguese Youtube with Dário Guerreiro (Môce dum cabréste), Tomás Alves (Alvini) and Bruno Rodrigues (Mais Kizomba).

Each of them explore a different genre and have hundreds of thousands of viewers and thousands of fans that every week, at a set day and time, watch a new show and are delighted for quarter-of-an-hour. What they have in common is that unique appeal, in popular and creative language, to young audiences. They attend to what other channels ignore, the thousands of niches for smaller, more coherent and conscious groups.

Some speakers described what the well-known channels, which millions of netizens use daily, can offer for mass advertising. Like Ana Mendes (FaceBook), Pedro Caramez (LinkedIn) and Marco Gouveia (Google) who provide training for marketeers in the use of various tools and show how these can be optimised according to the user preferences and habits left when using those channels. Someone said that those channels know more about our lives than we do ourselves.

Most speakers referred to the importance of segmenting the market and clarifying objectives, before starting a campaign, but no one said how to do a correct study of the target audience, and no one explained how to predict what the public will buy next year.

This is what companies look for and invest in - future niches. Savvy networks now invest in strong interactivity with opinion-leaders of small niches so they know the gaps. They pay well!

Jack Soifer cheers the audience - photo by João Rodrigues, ETIC.That's what consultant Jack Soifer said. He gave examples of products and services where those who have purchasing power want personalization, in the form of information and especially in interaction. Once they find what they want, they do not look so much at the price because no one else has drawn their attention to the object, service or emotion they dream of.

"God has given us two ears and one mouth, to hear twice as much as we speak. Most speak without hearing. We are bored on the net by those who want our attention; Everyone wants to sell the superfluous, without hearing what we want to buy," said Soifer.

The international consultant and author commented on the vital interaction between a detailed study of niche markets and the definition of the target audience. Only then do the details of the presentation of the product or service and the various forms of communication become defined, using neuromarketing for each target audience.

He then showed the books ‘Algarve / Alentejo – My Love, How to Beat the Crisis’ and ‘Entrepreneuring Sustainable Tourism’ where there is a lot about the best methods to captivate each niche.

Photo by João Rodrigues, ETIC.