Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Never have an uncharged Smartphone, iPad or Tablet again...Small Household Solutions now has Solar Phone Chargers and USB Phone Chargers. Just put your SHS Solar Charger behind your car window screen and have it ready when your phone is empty !

Or charge your SHS USB Phone Charger at home on your computer to have a spare battery with you at all times !

Cybercrime Seminars prove of great valueThis was the general consensus by over 110 people who attended the Cybercrime and Computer Security Seminars held at the Conrad Hotel and Tavira Municipal Library on 24th and 30th September respectively.

The events organized by Safe Communities Algarve, included presentations by inspector Ricardo Valadas of the Judicial Police and Jim Litchko, a Computer Security Analyst from the USA. Inspector Valadas outlined the threats posed through the internet and social media, including how in a matter of minutes cyber criminals can develop a profile of social media users. He also outlined the dangers to youngsters particularly in the use of Facebook and Twitter.

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SCAM ALERTA scam has come to light, targeting rental property owners and managers. The Blackburn based company call potential clients, selling a 2 year advert for your property for just £199, on their holiday rental website.

The site looks professional, but we have cause to believe that it is a SCAM, very much like the one last year when telephone calls were again from a Bradford based company, but with a name of

Portable bilingual assistance for ALL emergenciesIBC Security Limitada, proudly announces the arrival of our new product  IBC-GUARDIAN a unique P.E.R.S – Personal Emergency Response System to Residents and Visitors to the Algarve, which could save precious seconds, minutes or even hours in an emergency situation.

facebookSo apparently said Mark Twain on reading his obituary.  So might Facebook say on reading of its demise.

Like the Guardian, Forbes and Daily Mail this site recently carried news of the demise of Facebook.

Facebook is dead and buried to older teens they claimed.  But is it really true? I think not.

dishThe news that many expats in Portugal have been dreading, the commissioning date for the new Astra2E satellite has been posted by SES Astra on its social media pages.

The text below is from today's SES Astra's Facebook pages and warn non-UK viewers, which included those in Portugal of course, that the changeover date, and hence the loss of signal for UK programmes receivable in Portugal, will be in early February 2014.

apple“App”   …… a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose; an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

"Apparently there are these new apps that will actually read your emails to you"