Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Astra 2e satellite launch delayedThe launch of an ILS Proton launch vehicle with the ASTRA 2E satellite was postponed yesterday for technical reasons associated with the launch vehicle. The satellite is being launched for SES of Luxembourg and was built by Astrium. The new launch date will be determined at a later time.

On September 11, Khrunichev engineers at the launch site received an out of tolerance reading in the first stage of the vehicle.

Losing UK TV channelsIn December 2012 the BBC confirmed their plans to move their services from Astra 1N to Astra 2E in 2013 (see HERE). That time is now fast approaching, and as from the end of October/beginning of November 2013, all BBC, ITV, Ch4, and Ch5 TV channels will be unavailable via satellite in most of Mainland Europe.

The Astra 2E Satellite launch has now been scheduled for 15th September, and the final switch over to the Astra 2E satellite is expected to be around the end of October to beginning of November.

Pornographic Contint scamIn recent days "pop ups" have again appeared on some people’s computers with the logo of the PSP (Direcção Nacional), with instructions for payment for alleged violation of the law of "copyright and adjacent rights" and / or disclosure of "Pornographic Content Prohibited". 

In addition to containing a realistic identifying graphic, it's has indicators that induce users into taking various steps, in addition to automatically activating their webcam on their PC, leading the user to believe that they are being monitored.

TMNDear Ed,

The bottom line is that TMN advertises 'unlimited' 4G services, but in reality this service is limited to an extremely low download limit of 15 GB. Having reached this limit they drop the speed to an unworkable level of 128kbps.

This is not to mention that the advertised speeds are not even half of what they actually deliver.