Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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Fire Safety in Rural Areas for TouristsIn order to help and advise tourists on the wildfire risks in Portugal, Safe Communities Portugal and the Portuguese Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) have developed a joint initiative with the publishing of notice entitled: "Fire Safety in Rural Areas for Visitors".

The advice is aimed at educating tourists, especially those from cooler and wetter climates, of the fire risks in Portugal especially during the summer months, to avoid inadvertently starting a fire and what to do if confronted with a wildfire.

We are receiving more visitors in the form of caravanners from overseas as well as those on walking, cycling holidays, plus those using quad bikes and 4x4s who are visiting our forest areas. It is important that they understand the preventative steps they should take to avoid fires. This advice covers the lighting of BBQs and safety for caravanners as well.

Francisco Grave Pereira, President of the ANPC, said that the position of Safe Communities Portugal is "illustrative of the enormous civic sense of the organization in civil society that reflects the careful attention it attaches to the safety and welfare of not only British visitors but, as the brochure features a wider target audience, this includes citizens of other nationalities and English speakers."

This is the first time that this initiative aimed at tourists has been undertaken and will include on-line advice on a number of websites including the ANPC www.prociv.pt and Safe Communities Portugal www.safecommunitiesportugal.com
The project will be further developed between the two organizations with the production of more comprehensive flyers as well as informing overseas tour operators who specialize in these type of activities.

The notice can be downloaded here.