Thursday, 21 September 2017
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A voice for the dolphins being slaughteredI live in Portugal, in The Algarve, and one of the reasons why I love this country is because of its beautiful nature and marine wildlife. The fact that one can take a boat trip and within minutes you can see dolphins swim and dive around the boat is absolutely fascinating and breath-taking.

The Algarve treasures its marine wildlife and therefore I would like to raise awareness for the cruelty that is happening right now, as I’m writing this email, in Japan, Taiji. It has to stop!

Many others and I have been working around the clock trying to URGE the media to stand up and take notice. It’s the least we can do, and luckily we are being heard and several foreign newspapers and broadcasters have picked up the story about Taiji, even Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador to Japan has expressed her concern.

Please watch this video “Dawn to Death – The Dolphins of Taiji” by Martyn Stewart to have a full understanding of why so many are fighting to see this end. Warning: Graphic content.

Unfortunately the Portuguese media have not yet tuned in on this horrific event, but we need to raise awareness for the unnecessary and cruel dolphin massacre that occurs in Japan.

Yesterday they captured a rare baby albino dolphin, separated it from it’s mother and transported it to the Taiji Whale Museum.
Some Japanese papers are printing this:

'White dolphin is happy and swimming well with new friends and would not of survived in the wild'...

We all know this is not true as the baby dolphin is clearly injured and is doomed to live it’s life imprisoned and on display in a ‘bath tub’ sized basin.

Please help us be the voice of these wonderful and extraordinary marine mammals and please help us try to put an end to this bloodshed.

What you can do...

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