Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Iberian WolfHelp the Portuguese Wolves Keep Their Sanctuary. Don’t Let Our Wolves Become Homeless – Last Push is the final step to raise the money needed to buy the 42-acre site on which the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre (IWRC) stands. This is the only wolf sanctuary in Portugal, where only 300 of these endangered predators remain in the wild.

Three years ago, our Indiegogo campaign raised $71,300USD, with generous donations from over 1,700 people. This, along with national contributions, left the IWRC needing only $61,500 to meet the final installments for the land purchase.

Now, the Centre must call out one more time to all of you that love and admire the wolf: we mustn’t let this unique space disappear. If we do, “our” wolves will no longer be the much-needed ambassadors for their species. And they’ll be left without a home.

Please, act now. Before it’s too late for the Iberian Wolf.

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