Thursday, 19 October 2017
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guardiacivilCatalonia’s president has stopped short of declaring his region’s independence from Spain, stating this evening that, "We propose to suspend the effect of the independence declaration."

Carles Puigdemont, (pictured below), has left the door wide open for negotiations with Madrid. Dialogue is becoming more likely, however distasteful talks may for the increasingly pressured Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, whose hard-line response has resulted in pictures and video clips, careering around social and mainstream media, of Guardia Civil and National Police personnel attacking members of the Spanish public.

caixageral2A report into the circumstances that led to António Domingues resigning Caixa Geral de Depósitos after just a few months, is a masterpiece in evasion, failing as it does to pin down the deal done between the banker and the Finance Minister, Mário Centeno.

Domingues only took up the challenge of leading Caixa Geral if he and his invited board members were exempt from having to declare their income and assets - which directors of publically owned institutions must do.

landfillThe digging out of a third huge rubbish landfill site in Loulé has started. The dump is designed to store about 130,000 tons of unsorted waste per year, for 10 years - then another one will need to be dug.

The Sotavento Sanitary Landfill at Vale do Zebro, Cortelha “expands the capacity of depositing unsorted waste collected from the municipalities of the eastern Algarve."

shipyardDespite the government's insistence that Portugal is undergoing an economic miracle, much of this is based on low wages and job insecurity.

Portugal’s largest inter-union group, the Confederação Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses (CGTP), has announced a demonstration in Lisbon on November 18th and has called on workers from the public and private sectors, young, retired and the unemployed to participate in "a great national demonstration" against job insecurity and low wages.

DogRestaurantCurrent legislation bans dogs accompanying their owners visiting cafes and restaurants, even if it’s OK with the proprietor.

On October 10th, MPs are to debate a proposal from pro-nature and animals party PAN, the Left Bloc and The Greens to allow pets to enter catering establishments as well as guide dogs, which already are allowed in.

archaelogicalDigA Spanish company has ploughed up and destroyed a Roman bridge and a Roman villa in Beja in order to plant an almond orchard.

This is a further example of the destruction of archaeological remains to make way for agriculture as, in recent years, there have been several cases where olive groves, almond trees, vines, eucalyptus forests and pine trees have been seen as far more important than Portugal’s buried history.

CatalanCrowdFlagsCatalonia's President, Carles Puigdemont, has been forced to delay any declaration he is planning about the region's independence from Spain.

Madrid has made sure that any meeting of Catalonia's parliament on Monday would be illegal, leaving Puigdemont to make his expected declaration tomorrow, Tuesday 10th October, but a huge ‘anti-independence’ rally in Barcelona on Sunday has opened up a weak flank.

VeronaFrom June 6, 2018, the Algarve will have a direct air route to Verona, Italy, operated by Volotea, a first between the two airports, heralded as a "strategic action," according to the Algarve Tourism Association.

There has been a "trend of growth of tourism from the Italian market in the Algarve region, both in terms of holidaymakers and in residential tourism," said the association.