Thursday, 19 October 2017
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albufeiramarinaAlbufeira council ranks third in the country when it comes to the degree of financial independence from the State, according to the Councils Financial Yearbook, 2016.

For ‘independence,’ read ‘property taxes,’ made up from rates income and the taxes received when properties are bought and sold.

FireDevilIn a weekend of savage wildfires, a rare and terrifying phenomenon was captured on film near Arganil, Coimbra, when a fire devil was created in the blazing countryside.

The whirlwind of fire, called a fire devil or fire whirl, generated wind speeds of over 100mph, see

architectAwardsThe architects Miguel Reimão Costa and Jennifer Silva Pereira have won the Municipal Award for Architecture and Landscape Architecture 2017, promoted by Faro council.

The award, in the ‘Renovation’ category was for their proposal for Rua Rasquinho, no. 19, in Faro's old city.

alentejoGovernment dreams of an Alentejo gold rush are on hold after local managers of a Canadian gold mining company have disappeared, leaving behind unpaid workers.

Canadian officials at Colt Resources, who signed contracts with the Portuguese government in 2012 to extract gold in the Alentejo region, stopped paying workers and have scarpered.

socrates2Swift as ever to defend his good name, the former Prime Minister, José Sócrates has reacted to news that the Public Ministry has ordered several properties to be seized, considering them still to be property controlled by him.

"This attitude of the Public Prosecution is a shame," said Sócrates, while criticising Operation Marquês and accusing the prosecutor of "abuse of power."

spanishflagUp to 900,000 people, (authorities give the number as 350,000), took to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday afternoon to protest against any declaration of Catalonia's independence from Spain.

After last Sunday’s attempt at a referendum, disrupted by the Guardia Civil and National Police who used violence on the peaceful crowd, the political stand-off has polarised with Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, saying that he might suspend Catalonia’s current quasi-autonomous status, sack the regional government and call a new local election.

ryanair13Ryanair's chief operating officer, rather conveniently has 'resigned' after thousands of flights had to be cancelled in a pilot roster foul-up that could cost the airline €20 million.

Michael Hickey is said to have been the man responsible for preparing the pilot work maps since 2014. He joined the company in 1988 as an engineer.

dogStarvedA woman failed to take her dog along when she moved from her rented property in Vila Real de Santo António.

As the landlord did not visit his property for three months but when he did, the desiccated dog was found dead at the apartment in Bairro 28 de Junho.