Tuesday, 22 August 2017
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unemployedPortugal’s headline unemployment rate has dropped to 8.8% at the end of the second quarter of 2017

It is the lowest figure since 2009 and Minister, Vieira da Silva, said he is convinced that the rate will continue to fall.

conradpressrelease2The annual Publituris Portugal Travel Awards has listed 20 of the Algarve’s most noted businesses for its 2017 line-up.

The Algarve is named in the "Best National Tourism Region" category in the awards, known in the trade and media as the ‘national tourism Oscars.’

RochadaPenaThe largest trail-running competition in the Algarve, at Rocha da Pena near Salir, starts on August 13th with fearless participants competing in three gruelling races of different lengths.

This fourth competition over the hills of the Algarve’s interior indicates an increasing appeal of this sport where runners speed along countryside trails, whatever the temperature.

oldbuildingThe opposition Social Democrats (PSD) wants to scrap the new tax laws that raise rates for multiple property owners.

The so called 'Mortágua tax,' that over 200,000 taxpayers will have to pay in September, "corresponds to an attack on savings, an attack on investment, an attack on the middle class."

4805National banks' lending valuations for property increased in April to a new six year high with the Algarve being the most expensive region as the price per m2 is 25% higher than the country average.

The latest figures cover April, 2017, and show the average bank evaluation per m2 for housing in Portugal was €1,110, the highest value since July 2011, according to the National Statistics Institute.

4828The Algarve again is number one in the ranking of the world's top ten retirement destinations.

Live and Invest Overseas analysed over a dozen criteria and decided that, for the fourth year in a row, the Algarve is the best place in the world in which to spend those golden retirement years.

ryanair13An illegally operated drone forced two flights to abort their landing at Lisbon’s airport, one of which ended up landing in Oporto.

"We confirm that we received information that a number of pilots reported to the Air Traffic Management Authority that there is a drone approaching runway 3, out of sight of the airport. The situation was communicated to the Police," ANA confirmed.

shellfishThe thought of Olhão’s socialist party mayor failing to hang on to the council presidency in the October 1st elections has been enough to secure the support of the Prime Minister who is travelling south to open the city’s annual Seafood Festival on Thursday.

António Costa will inaugurate the 32nd Olhão Seafood Festival on August 10th, accompanied by the Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, and the Secretary of State for Fisheries, José Apolinário.