Thursday, 21 September 2017
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saobrasSão Brás council is continuing its crowd-pleasing municipal works campaign as it announced €100,000 is to be spent on improving Parque da Vila in “another step in the city's urban renewal strategy.”

This project follows on from the first phase to develop the area surrounding the bus station. This is a "100 % accessible park," reflecting "the effort and investment" of the municipality in implementing the municipal plan."

catFaro Council and Animais de Rua, an association dedicated to controlling stray animals by neutering and spaying, are in a new partnership with a project to sterilise, treat and study stray animals in the municipality of Faro.

An initial survey took place between 21 and 24 November to trace the entire animal population located on Faro Island which is a problem area and is the target for the first campaign.

yachtPortugal has the highest percentage of women millionaires in the world.

Only 10% of all the multimillionaires in the world are women, and Portugal heads the list of countries by having 23.8% of the Portuguese multimillionaire population.

gatwickAir passenger numbers using Gatwick have risen to 20.8 million from April to September of this year.

This hefty 4.4% increase over the same period last year has resulted in a boost to profits of nearly 19%.

spanishapartmentsMillions of households in Spain have had their electricity cut off.

This year alone, nearly 1.5 million Spaniards, unable to pay the bills, have seen their supply terminated.

bankofportugal2A report from the Bank of Portugal shows that the further cuts envisaged in the 2014 State Budget may well have 'negative consequences' for the banking system.

Published on Tuesday, the Bank’s Financial Stability Report outlines some risks that the new budget may bring to the national financial system, primarily an increase in bad loans.

prisonThe latest report from the Committee against Torture at the Council of Europe exposes the grim reality of the Portuguese prison system, nothing has improved since its last visit.

Prisons rife with gang violence, overcrowding and poor health care are being looked at - but not too closely - as the Government says it is taking action, but budget problems have delayed improvements.

snowtyreLow temperatures will drop still further over the new few days as the Algarve records sub-zero temperatures.

The cold period continues and the Algarve joins the rest of the country in freezing temperatures, recording 2 degrees below zero at first light this morning.