Friday, 26 May 2017
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coimbrauniversityAngolan students are being forced to ditch their studies in Portugal, according to the president of the Association of Angolan Students, due to "delay in money transfers from Angola to here."

Many Angolan students studying in Portugal are reliant on money sent from their families but due to a financial and economic crisis due to the drop in oil prices, Angola has imposed exchange controls leaving up to 4,000 students in Portugal with little or no cash.

alThe government’s continues lack of clear thinking on the Alojamento Local tourism rental laws reached new heights today with an amendment to force apartment owners to get the written permission of other owners in the building before they will be allowed to let their property in the lucrative short term tourist rental market.

Instead of clarifying the law, the government has passed the buck and is to require landlords to obtain a statement from the householders' condominium assembly to give permission to rent out their apartment. This additional document will need to be submitted with AL application forms for apartments, along with all the other documents.


ViladoBispoLogoVila do Bispo council has published a tender in Diário da República for the "rehabilitation of the building of the old grain storage barns in Vila do Bispo” to turn them into a history and cultural centre.

The job is worth a cool €1 million and the winning builder will have a year to complete the job.

millenniumOn May 12th, a press release was issued concerning the 'Salgados – Praia Grande eco-Resort,' the promotion of the project by property consultancy CBRE, the ownership of the project by MillenniumBPC and the contact details of the PR agency, HK Strategies.

The press release triggered an eruption across the Algarve and further afield, causing environmental groups to sharpen up their campaign statements and local media to agree that the addition of ‘eco’ to the resort’s name, without changing the project detail, did little to make the press release anything more than a green-washing exercise.

electriccartopupPortugal is in the top ten producers of lithium which is increasingly sought after by manufacturers of electric cars which use the element in their battery packs and for companies supplying batteries for mobile phones..

There are now 46 applications from companies to the government to explore for and extract lithium from Alto Minho to Beira Baixa, passing through Trás-os-Montes, where Dakota Minerals already is mining the ‘white oil’ in a €370 million investment.

ptThe billionaire President of Altice has assured everyone that he has no plans to sack swathes of PT and MEO staff.

"There is no massive exit plan for Portugal," said Patrick Drahi, responding to comments made by Portugal’s prime minister that he will not authorise any collective dismissal proposals.

moneyundematressJudicial Police officers have detained a lawyer and an accountant suspected of fraudulently obtaining grants related to the National Strategic Reference Framework.

In addition to the two main suspects, the PJ also named 12 suspects as official defendants. They include businessmen and intermediaries who helped steal at least €5 million from the State.

antoniocostaPrime Minister, António Costa, has expressed Portugal's solidarity with the people of the UK after the bomb attack in Manchester.

At least 22 people were killed and 59 wounded following the suicide bombing at a concert performance given by the American singer, Ariana Grande, at Manchester Arena.