Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Canadair 'confusion': plane crash that didn't happenOne of the nine Canadair fire-fighting planes in action in central Portugal has crashed over Pedrógão Grande, killing its British pilot.

According to CMTV the plane was Spanish, but the channel's newspaper Correio da Manhã suggests it was not one of the two planes loaned by Spain to Portugal.

Paris Air Show could be Portugal’s “up, up and away…”Portugal’s “aeronautic cluster” is pinning its hopes on the Paris Airshow taking place this week in Le Bourget (airport) exhibition centre, and running until Sunday.

Explains Economia online, AED (standing for the aeronautic, space and defence cluster) has “enormous growth potential”. The only thing standing in its way is “a lack of technicians, and the small size of the companies involved”.

Thus, pressure is on for Portugal’s cluster to ‘make its mark’: forge contracts, impress investors.

Bodies of young men swept out to sea at Espinho finally recoveredA week after they were swept out to sea as they ran into the water to recover a football, the bodies of missing friends Ricardo Costa and Daniel Pereira have been finally recovered. By chance, both bodies washed up onto the same beach (Praia de Paramos) within hours of each other. Maritime police, GNR, the Air Force, firefighters and lifeguards had been searching the coast for eight days.

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eurozoneThe Ministry of Finance said it will keep the 23% VAT collected on premium rate calls made to help the victims of the current fires.

The Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday that the law does not allow the State to waive VAT but, as this is the case, it has been decided by government that an equivalent sum will be channelled into civil protection activities and social support.

caixageral2In a statement that defines how Caixa Geral de Depósitos has changed from a state-owned bank to one that is further to impose on the goodwill of its tired customers, the bank’s President, Paulo Macedo, said today that, "If Caixa Geral does not make a profit we will have to ask for more money from taxpayers and I have an idea of ​​what the answer will be."

The president of Caixa Geral de Depósitos today justified the increase in customer bank charges with a need for the public bank to return to profits after seven consecutive years of losses.

FireGoisThe fire that has been raging across Pedrógão Grande is affecting the neighbouring Góis area where 27 villages were told today to prepare for immediate evacuation.

Góis borders on Pedrógão Grande and Castanheira de Pêra where over 60 people were killed at the weekend, many dying in their vehicles as flames swept over the road as they tried to escape.

edpIn an article published today in Proteste Investe, the consumer watchdog Deco reported that for the second consecutive year, the head of supermarket group Jerónimo Martins, Pedro Soares dos Santos, heads the list of CEOs who earn the most in relation to the average earnings of their staff at 130 times average salary.

Energy company, EDP, has the highest paid manager in the country, António Mexia, who earned over €2 million, 49.5 times the average pay of his workers which is an impressive €40,000 per year.

footballJust a week after news that football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, had been accused of a multi-million euro tax fraud in Spain, (click here) club manager José Mourinho also has been accused of an income tax fraud.

The economic crimes section of the Madrid prosecutor's office has filed a complaint against Mourinho for allegedly defrauding the Spanish state of €3.3 million.