Thursday, 19 October 2017
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SantanaLopesPedro Santana Lopes, the prime minister of Portugal between 2004 and 2005, is to bid for the leadership of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) this weekend.

This is the position soon to be vacated by another former prime minister, Pedro Passos Coelho who finally has got the message that he no longer is wanted and is stepping down.

guadianaPortugal and Spain are to continue their cross-border cooperation along the Guadiana river in a new project to protect the natural areas of its lower reaches. Project ‘Valagua’ was presented today in Castro Marim.

The ‘Project for Environmental Valuation and Integrated Management of Water and Habitats in the Cross-border Lower Guadiana’ will continue until September 2019.

FireLeiriaSmallCarsOn an evening when the death of a one-month-old baby was confirmed as one of the 38 who perished in the weekend’s fires, with seven people still unaccounted for, the Viegas Report has been released, blaming an electrical cable for the devastating fire in Pedrógão Grande this June.
The independent technical report on Pedrógão Grande, ordered by the Government, arrived on Monday afternoon at the Ministry of Internal Administration.

fireThe commander of the Portuguese League of Fire Brigades, Jaime Marta Soares, said that the number of fires set deliberately this past weekend goes beyond any established pattern displayed by arsonists, and suggested that a ‘terrorist organisation’ is behind these tragedies.

The seemingly careful selection of multiple incendiary points to create large fires, led Soares to comment, "I believe that there is a terrorist organisation that is premeditated and organised to set fire to our country, it is a way of creating instability,"

FireGoisPatrícia Gaspar from Portugal’s Civil Protection Authority confirmed at 10:00 on Monday morning that the number of people that so far have lost their lives as a result of the fires that have swept through central and northern regions, can be confirmed at 27 so far, with 51 injured, 15 of these are in serious condition.

Fatalities have been reported from the Guarda, Coimbra, Viseu and Castelo Branco districts but the figure of 27 will rise as more reports are received.

pinecliffsPrivate Luxury Forums Europe, an initiative that promotes meetings and networking between the main players in the luxury tourism industry, is coming to the Algarve on October 19th.

The venue is the Pine Cliffs Resort in Albufeira where the event will have the support of the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA), the agency dedicated to promoting the region to foreign markets.

FireOctIn the worst day for forest fires this year, emergency services are stretched to breaking point with well over 300 separate fires having to be tackled in less than a 24-hour period.

Strong winds in the centre and north of the country have been taken full advantage of by arsonists who have set light to countryside, causing rapidly spreading blazes, some of which are simply out of control, according to commanders, including those in Monção (Viana do Castelo), Lousã and Arganil, both in Combra district.

lufthansaRyanair is to challenge a Lufthansa deal to buy parts of the failed German airline, Air Berlin, referring to the deal as a “stitch-up.”

Lufthansa plans to use Air Berlin's aircraft to expand its Eurowings budget airline business, a direct threat to the beleaguered Ryanair whose management says it will take the €210 million deal to the European competition authorities.