Sunday, 24 September 2017
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11396FamLife is a simple and reliable rental property investment product that generates a guaranteed monthly income stream from month one. 

Ideal for those looking for a regular monthly income, such as retirees or those nearing retirement, it offers a dependable income compared to building society savings or pension plans, all with the peace of mind that your capital is secure in your own bricks and mortar ownership.

Famlife property investment

A guaranteed 8% monthly yield compared to 1 or 2% from Building Society savings interest rates
In a world of low savings and pensions interest rates, FamLife offers a real option to generate healthy monthly income from a simple property investment and is especially suitable for retirees or anyone considering retirement. With the added security of our rent guarantee insurance policy, we provide a fixed 8% monthly yield from the very first month, paid directly into your bank account by transfer. Take a look at some of our happy clients to see how FamLife works for them.

FamLife deals with everything for you from start to finish
With FamLife, you are not just buying rental property, you are investing in the knowledge, skills and security of the FamLife investment team.  We have years of experience within the North East property rental market, managing property portfolios for both ourselves and our clients. This gives us the unique ability to source, select and manage the right types of properties and tenants to give you an investment that will generate a long-term income stream.  We manage all of our tenants personally, and take pride in our ability to place the right occupants within the right properties. This intimate knowledge and personal touch enables us to provide our consistent high-yield income returns.

FamLife property investment gives long-term security for you and your family
With FamLife, not only do you generate a monthly income, you own your property outright from the start.  This gives you the security of a bricks and mortar investment.  Your FamLife monthly income can be transferred to another family member in the event of your death and you are free to leave your FamLife arrangement at any time by simply giving 30 days’ notice. Our fees are simply structured, we charge a one-off set up fee for the source, selection and set-up of your rental property and after this we charge a monthly fee for the full management of your property and tenants. After our monthly fee is charged you will still be earning your guaranteed 8%. Take a look at how the numbers stack up with some FamLife case studies.

Need to know more?
We understand that any investment is a decision that needs many questions to be answered. Sometimes returns and yields are hard to understand.  We get that, and also know that you need to learn all about us and build trust in FamLife.  Our product and processes are entirely transparent so let us take you through the stages of how FamLife works below.   If at any stage you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-hassle conversation, our advice is always free. 

We encourage customers to come and meet us, see the area and our properties and our tenants at any time – and we’ll show you first-hand our policy of transparency and straightforward working.

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0 #2 Ed 2017-09-11 09:40
Quoting Jimbo:
I am a little confused about the tenant family Robinson where the husband works at Nissan in Sunderland.
Their picture also appears on German website
A stock photo to protect the identity?

Inspired detective work Jimbo - top class!
+1 #1 Jimbo 2017-09-11 09:15
I am a little confused about the tenant family Robinson where the husband works at Nissan in Sunderland.
Their picture also appears on German website
A stock photo to protect the identity?